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Your project is finished! You had an initial issue, your chose ONE psychological practice to try, you gathered materials, and organized your life for a good beginning. You practiced your technique for 14 days (not counting missed days), and you flew — or not. What will be different or the same about your life now that you have completed your ‘Get cape. Wear cape. Fly.’ research project? Where will you “fly” next?

There is a yoga mat on the floor and a speaker which is playing calming relaxing music. The stick figure is preparing to do some yoga

Where i will fly next

In this comic I am starting to do yoga and hoping to implement this in my day to day life. There is a yoga mat and some music…

This is a stick version of myself dreaming about get cape and having a good sleep with my new sleep schedule.

Step #8

This comic is me having a good sleep dreaming about the get cape while having a good sleep with my new sleeping schedule.

stick figure person discovering how much a good nights rest means to him

Step#8 – Where To Next?

I am finally realizing how important sleep is to me. Through this experiment I finally realized eight hours of sleep is essential for me to be the best…

The stick figure in my comic is flying in the sky and is very happy of his achievement of achieving his final goal. He is just at the top of the world. In his mind he is so proud of himself of deciding and doing what he thought of. And just with the thought of finally achieving he is very happy.

Step #8 – FLY. Next

My comic is all about my last of the 14 days eating healthy practice is side by side being happy as well. I have finally achieved my goal…

Me, wearing my cape with the bird from my step #4 comic on my shoulder (because every superhero needs a sidekick). There is a thought bubble with mountains in it, and a text bubble saying that now that I have mastered my happiness, I can do anything!


Now that I have finished my practice and have mastered my ability to cognitively retrain my thoughts. I am now excited to overcome future obstacles because now I…

Stick figure as me, going for grocery shopping, and prepared meals

Step#8 fly. Next

In this comic, it shows stick figure as me going for grocery shopping once a week, and by managing my time, i prepared my meals before starting the…

The comic has a person sleeping in bed on the left side and three friends on the right. There are also arrows that symbolize a cycle.

Step 8- Fly: next chapter

Now that I have completed this project I have a more stable daily routine which I developed in the process of going to sleep earlier. This routine is…

There is a stick figure flying.

Get cape step #8

So , After I completed my get cape project my sleeping schedule was fixed I had more energy to do more work as compare to the past that…

This is me shown as a person who will adapt meditation into her life for the upcoming future because of the positive effects it has into her life.


The stick figure show the positive effects of the wellness practice into my life. Initially I was always worried about the self consciousness and distraction in my life,…

After since the completion of my practice over the this past month, I feel as a new person. This project has helped me in numerous of ways. By following my routine, discipline and being focused! I will use these tools for my method in the future.

Get Cape #8 Caper where will you fly next!

Figure in the corner smiling very happy and beside him is a bubble thought saying ” A new start”. Beside them are images such as mediation, peace and…

A person with yellow lines around their head sitting on a purple pillow. A though bubble that says I feel more present & disciplined.

Step 8: FLY. Next

I am sitting on my purple pillow after finishing my last day of get cape. I feel accomplished and disciplined. I also feel more present ever since I…

in the end I felt closer to my inner self and my heart. Gratitude brought safety in my heart and that\'s how it made me happier

Step #8 Where will I fly next

I repeat to myself how it’s good to appreciate every simple thing, it makes me feel good and safe. I found out that gratitude makes me feel safe…

A stickman stands flexing his muscles. Above his head is a speech bubble that reads, “new man!” Underneath that are 2 prohibition signs with a Youtube logo in one and a phone in the other.

Step #8 New man!

After completing my practice over the past month and a bit I feel like a new man. This project has helped me tremendously when it comes to staying…

Stick figure girl is eating a healthy meal and has a big smile across her face. On the table is a green juice, broccoli, salmon and rice.

Step #8- FLY. Next “Caper”- Where will you fly next?

I am continuing to follow better eating habits and being more self conscious of what I consume. I believe this will benefit me now and in the future…

There are 4 sections in this comic, in the first sections a big arm is shown representing the healthy body, in the second book is shown representing the knowledge, in the third a stick figure is standing and speaking in front of public with confidence, in the fourth and last one time clock is shown which is reflecting time management.

Step #8

So, after 14 days I came to a result that I have become more positive and energetic. Moreover, this positivity generated energy in me and widened my knowledge…

Stick figure thinking about drinking water

Ran out of wateremembering to drink water

The girl is remembering that she needs to continue to drink water to keep increasing her health and happiness

In the comic there is two stick figure one is me and other one is my friend who used to tease me but now he is saying that i am looking cool and had a great change in my body. The stick figure is proud and will continue this variable for lifetime.

Step 8

In the comic stick figure is happy after his change and decided to follow it for life time. His friend is praising him.

Stickman looking out to an island with a flag that says tai chi. The island is green, and the ocean is blue with waves. The boat is brown with a red sail.

Step #8 – Fly Next

I think a new thing I could look into, would most likely be tai-chi as it is very similar to what I just researched on. It is also…

Smiling faces are everywhere


I’m making up my mind to try to always be thankful for what I have by writing expressive writing on a daily basis. By doing so, I want…

After I finish my get cape, I\'m going to try to keep up with my regular gym practices. I\'ll make an effort to keep my body fit and healthyAfter I finish my get cape, I\'m going to try to keep up with my regular gym practices. I\'ll make an effort to keep my body fit and healthy


The comic is describing my future get cape flyer which is to continue my gym practice