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By now you have chosen your “make one change” variable, posted your back story, gathered and organized for success. Now it’s time to show us a stick figure scene of how your first day on your plan went…

The stick figure in the image is eating boiled vegetables and seems to be very happy

Step #3 – Day1

My get cape comix is all about the first healthy day of my life in which I tried to eat vegetables, cereals and even fresh juice. It was…

The figure is sitting on the desk and doing some work

WEAR CAPE: DAY 1 of Planning and organizing tasks

The figure in the comix is sitting on a desk and doing some work on the laptop. He is planning his schedule for the day in his mind…

I am on my bed collecting my things and getting prepared to go to bed at a reasonable time time

Preparing for change

In my comic I am preparing my things so that i can go to bed at a reasonable time

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Step #3 I was. A clown

I forgot to set my computer aside during day one and upon realization, I felt kinda bad.

Today I learned that relaxing does not only mean you just nap or sit at home all day. In the morning I tried to relax by sitting at home, but that just made me stress even more. I decided to rejoin soccer and realized that it helped me relax for the day.

Step #3

I am shooting the ball at the net.

A girl fallen asleep on meditation mat on the floor.

Step #3 – My First Day Meditating

This comic describes my first day meditating. I found I felt very calm and relaxed almost like I wanted to forget all about my daily tasks and just…

four comic panels with stick figure in bed

Step #3 – Wear cape – Day 1

Basically, this is me getting extremely frustrated trying to get a full eight hours of sleep because my body was not used to sleeping that early.

A stick figure is seen sitting cross-legged trying to practice mindfulness meditation. Their facial expression looks a little stressed, frustrated and distracted. The thinking bubble above their head shows a phone and a group of two stick figure friends.

Step #3 Wear Cape Day 1

In this comic, I am trying to practice mindfulness meditation, but my mind is distracted. While trying to meditate I kept thinking about how I want to go…

The stick figure shows how I set my mind on day one to start different 14 day of my life. The image shows how i started my day 1 by doing workout, being positive and many more.

Step#3 – Get cape – Day 1

The stick figure shows my change on day 1. How i am including all good things around me.

The stick figure begins a new start of walking. He went to the walk in the morning and cover a few steps of 3000 and then after sometimes he achieve steps of 4000. After an hour walk he did 5000 steps at day 1. The morning walk makes him relaxed and let the stick to lose some weight.

Step#3 Day1

The stick figure started walking and set a goal of 10,000 steps. At day 1, the stick achieves 5000 steps which was good for his day 1 beginning.

In the stick figure person is putting mobile on silent mode and put it aside and become sad.


On the day one of get cape wear cape project I started my putting my mobile aside and concentrate on my studies. when I put my mobile aside…

The stick figure above shows me doing exercise that I started earlier i.e. running, walking.

Step #3- WEAR CAPE: DAY1

This is first day of starting exercise, running and walking. I felt that I will not be able to do exercise but after that exercising makes my body…

I am being thankful for the healthy body that I have

Step #3: Day 1

I am appreciating the healthy body that I have to live my life. Being thankful for the health gives me a chance to do whatever I want to…

A man sitting on his bed, messy bed the sun is shining inside through window and a cloud of thought next to the mans head.


In the comic, you can see me as I am sitting on my bed and am practicing my daily gratitude at the beginning of the day, thanking God…

There is a stick figure working on the computer.

Step #3 : Day 1

There is a scene where I am completing my assignments and homework before the due date without feeling tired because I was not sleep deprived.

This is me exercising in the gym to avoid distractions and maintain a positive mindset. As seen, i have spend my entire day being engaged in the activities which could me a relaxing vibe.

Get Cape #3: Day 1

The Comic represents me engaging myself in activities which will help me to relax myself rather than working myself whole day out and how it helped me to…

Lying down, playing music, burning candles, burning incense, and relaxation.

Step #3 – Wear Cape Day 1

The first day I realized i can’t really sit in a meditative position because my leg is still broken, so after i lit my candles and incense i…

A visual representation of what I looked like in the morning, feeling alert, refreshed, and productive. I am holding my 1 litre jug of lemonade, ready to start my day. My grey alarm clock is flashing “7AM” in bright green on my brown desk, with a piece of paper that says “A+”. There is my red yoga mat on the ground, with a blue yoga block and my grey music player, playing some jazzy jams.

Step 3 – Wear Cape: Day 1

My first day of my “Wear Cape” journey, I had just finished my daily routine of meditation the night before. In this comic, it shows me waking up…

There is a stick figure of me in bed at 10 PM which is shown on the clock on the side table next to my bed and beside the clock is my phone. There is then an arrow which is representing me the next day which is also a stick figure that has a smile and a energy symbol on top of my head the next arrow shows a stick figure of myself sitting on a chair with a pen in my hand and my schoolwork in front of me with a voice bubble which says “let’s do this”

Get cape step #3

In my comic I have illustrated myself getting to bed at a set time with my phone on the table beside me out of my reach and site….

Three stick figures are shown sitting and meditating. On the bottom of the page shows the YouTube logo as well as a book.

Get cape #3 – wear cape – Day 1

For my comic I illustrated my first step in meditating, I ended up trying it out with my mom and girlfriend. We followed a YouTube guided session and…