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Now that you have chosen what you would like to practice changing, it’s time to ‘get your cape’. Show a scene of you collecting and organizing yourself for success in this project. “A good beginning never ends”

You can see stick figure me breathing in and out slowly.


I was trying some slow, relaxing breathing techniques from one of the articles I read to reduce my stress before taking a test.

The stick figure in my image is trying to escape from unhealthy food for instance burger, cake, chocolate, ice cream, candy and donuts because they all are like an addiction.

Step #2 – Preparing for change

My comix is all about avoiding unhealthy food. The stick figure is running from all sorts of junk food which are not healthy for the body. It is…

I am writing a list at the end of the day of all the things that happened that made me happy. On a paper I have listed that I got smiled at, that I was able to find parking, and that I pet a dog today.

STEP #2 – Get Cape: Preparing for change

I am writing down a list of all the positive things that occurred in the day that caused me joy in any type of way so that I…

In this comic I am putting my clothes away and it is not too late at night

Step #2 Preparing for change

I am preparing to go to bed at a reasonable time by cleaning my room early so that I have no worries before going to bed

This is how I dealt with stress and relaxation before the class before the get cape project. The first one is me walking a dog, second one is me working out and last is me with my family

Step #2- Preparing for change

This is how I relax and deal with stress

In this stick figures, a person is talking to her mom. He is saying \

Step #2

In the comic, a person decided to give his phone to mother by 9.00 P.M to have at least 8 hours sleep for his project because it was…

I am looking at jotting down negatives and positives on a board, that occur throughout my day. When I access the negatives and positives I am to come up with some solutions to help replace all the negatives.

Step #2

In my comic I am writing down a list of negatives and positives that occur throughout my day, and finding solutions on how to deal with them.

A girl preparing a yoga mat to meditating to soothing music and smelling calming candles.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

This comic represents my new venture into meditation. I will prepare by using my meditation tab on my peloton and set up my yoga mat next to some…

Two stick figures are seen separated by a line. On one side the stick figure is seen looking at and holding a clipboard. Above their head is a thinking bubble showing a no phones allowed sign, a quiet zone sign and the word peace. One the other side the stick figure is seen putting their phone away on a dresser/shelf.

Step #2 Get Cape: Preparing For Change

In this comic, I am making a checklist of all the things I am doing to prepare for my 14 day study. On the other side I am…

The comic is about me going to a gym for exercising for testing how much energy i loose or gain

Step#2 :preparing for change

In my comic i am heading towards the gym for exercising from my home.

There are two stick figures in which one is myself and another one is my friend. He was teasing me by saying lazy fatty. the stick figure started to get embraced everyday. So the stick figure decided to make a goal of walking 10,000 steps in next 7 days.

Step#2 Preparing for change.

The stick figure is getting embraced by listening teasing words, so he decided to go for walk everyday with 7 days goal of 10,000 steps.

Stick figure depicts that a person is planning to read books in the library in order to reduce the usage of mobile.

Get Cape; Step #2(Preparing for Change)

This the time when I get my cape. I decided to go to library so that I can read different kind of books and deduct my timing on…

a girl sitting on a yoga matt in her room, playing relaxing music while meditating.

STEP 3: Get cape – Day 1

In my comic, I am sitting on a yoga mat in my clean room with my blinds open, the sun shining, bed made, and laptop on my bed…

I am being thankful for everything I have in my life so I can be happier

Step #2 : Preparing for change

I am using gratitude as a way to my happiness, I am being grateful for all the good things I have in my life.

This is me going for a run in the morning hours and meditating when i get home. i deleted my social media accounts to focus more on my health because they were really distracting me to do well in my lifestyle.

Get Cape#2: Preparing for Change

As i have chosen Exercise as my independent variable and Happiness as my dependent variable, i am trying to focus on maintaining a good balance between my exercising…

Stick figure of myself in bed ready to sleep at 10 PM with my phone on the side table, and in circles around my bed I have written the words Instagram Netflix and TikTok with X’sgoing through them.

Get cape step#2

In my comic it shows me in bed with my phone put on the table next to my bed out of my reach, so I can start my…

A stick person stands with a phone in hand trying to decide between rain clouds, bird noises, and the youtube use, a tree and a bed.

Step #2 Preparing for change

In my comic I chose to illustrate my steps I will take in order to get my cape and practice meditation. I will choose between many guided meditation…

Table on the left holding a lamp, empty journal and pencil. Stick person sitting on chair on the right. Thought bubble coming from person’s head with a memory of stick person walking through park.

Step #2 – Get Cape: Preparing for change

This comic is a picture of me creating a comfortable place where I can sit down at the end of each day to record a positive memory from…

No more sleep deprived!!!!

STEP #2 – Preparing for a change

In this scene , I am going to bed a little early. So , that I don’t get sleep deprived and have good energy for the next day.

A girl (me) sitting on a red mat, meditating before going to sleep. I am preparing my journey of meditating by canceling plans that interfere with my meditation times, canceling video game time late at night, and putting my phone away before sleeping.

Step 2: Get Cape: Preparing for Change

I am working towards preparing my journey of meditating by making time for meditating. I do a lot of things before I go to bed, which interferes with…