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Show us a scene of the highest height, your BEST research outcome on any day during your “Get cape” project. Be sure to show us what about your day most contributed to your success.

This is a stick version of myself enjoying some popcorn at the end of the night while watching a movie on Netflix.

Step #7

In this comic, I am so relaxed because I had no stress this day. This is me enjoying myself because I finished everything I needed to do.

stick figure man going for a run because he feels well rested


I am going for a nice morning run before class because I feel extremely well rested after getting a full eight hours of sleep!

The stick figure in the image is making food by himself and looks really happy. as he woke up early to make healthy food and is very enthusiastic

Step #7 – Fly! Highest Height … So far

I was day 5th day of my eating healthy practice and I was really energetic, and I think this was the day I got really motivated and was…

It shows me and all prepared meals for the day

Step#7 highest height

It shows stick figure as me eating all meals a day. Meals were prepared before starting the project. Therefore it was my highest height.

Me, sitting at my desk at the end of the night, recalling that the negative obstacles didn’t ruin my happiness.


In my comic, I am realizing that despite the fact that something happened that would usually make me very unhappy, I have still been able to maintain my…

There is a girl sleeping peacefully.

Get cape step #7

In the picture, it is the scene of one of the best day when I sleep very peacefully because I finished all my work prior to the deadlines…

On the left there are three friends chatting, laughing and drinking bubble tea. To the right of the friends there is an addition symbol then someone sleeping in a bed. Beside that there is an equal sign and a yellow smiley face.


The comic I drew represents which events took place on the days that I got the highest happiness ratings. I found that in addition to sleeping 7 (or…

Lying down on the grass with a book on a sunny day outside in the park

Step 7 – Best day yet

In this comic i am peacefully lying down on the grass in the park reading my comic. This day was the best as am fully engaged and comfortable…

Lying down on the grass with a book on a sunny day outside in the park

Step 6 – Hardest day since I started

In this comic am I am outside in the park lying down on the grass. Here I have become more engaged and comfortable practicing my wellness outside in…

My best day was when I had a morning basketball workout at 10 am. I woke up seen the nice sun out and started to meditate outside. It really go me in the happy and ready to go energy.

Get Cape #7 Highest of Height

The figure sits crossed legged outside on the yoga mat mediating with a happy expression on his face.

Stick figure in bed with a smile. Cloud (thought) bubble above that reads yay! i\'m awake early! An alarm clock that reads 6:00 and a sheet that has TO - DO written on it and the word meditate with a check mark next to it.

Step 7: FLY! Highest Height… So Far

I am in bed thinking how I woke up early and on schedule so I have enough time to do my morning routine and rituals which includes meditating….

In the morning I did my gratitude and felt so much positive, I went for a jog in the nice weather and enjoyed the sunshine, and at the end of my day I realized how good my day went and how I could keep my energy so much positive throughout the whole day

Step#7 Highest Height

In the morning I did my gratitude and appreciated everything I have and decided to keep my energy positive throughout the day, I went for a jog to…

Stick figure girl just coming back from the grocery store and displaying the food she bought.

Step #7 fly! Highest height so far

One of my best days during my get cape study was when I came back from the grocery store. I felt super motivated by looking at all the…

In this comic there stick figure walking on the running track in the peaceful surroundings, doing meditation, reading books and eating healthy foods.

Step #7

It was the highest productive day, I woke up early, did exercise on proper time, meditated peacefully and proper nutritional food was consumed. This resulted in a lot…

In this stick figure, a person is positive and thinking of the things he did. like, 8 hours sleep, full of energy and

Step #7

It was a day, when I was very sure on the grounds that I finished my research task ( Slept for 8 hours) and I measured three times…

In the comic stick figure is representing that he comp at day 14 and that was the highest day for him as he was feeling so relaxed and active after a lot of running. This changes his life.

Get cape Step#7

The stick figure is happy after completing his day 14 task of running.

A stick figure with happy face, writing about things she appreciates before going to sleep


Coming up with many positive events and things I’ve felt thankful for was pretty awesome as it was quite challenging for me before. I guess remembering to always…

I achieved my goal

Stick figure looking at a calendar and feeling accomplished that she drank water every day and didn’t miss any

Stickman meditating in the forest. Stickman is sitting on a red mat, with their grey laptop flashing white lights. The stickman is glowing yellow. They are three trees behind the stickman; stickman is staring upwards towards the sky.

Step #7 – Fly! Highest Height…So Far

I had a bit of extra time, so I decided to meditate outside for a change. I felt very refreshed. The yellow glow is a visual representation of…

The comic predicts my peak height Because I was free for the entire day on that day, t. Furthermore, we have a function at our home. As a result, I had a great time on that particular day

STEP #7 – Get cape – Fly. Highest day

The comic is predicting my highest height of a day on which I was very happy