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Show a scene in stick figures of the issue in your life that you would like to change. (Be safe: Please choose something that can be read by all — not too vulnerable, private, or confidential).

I show myself thinking about all the things I have to do and just choosing to sleep.


For the longest time I never knew how to deal with my stress. I would always choose to sleep instead of getting things done as a way of…

This is multiple stick figures versions of me doing what I do in a day such as going to the gym, school, work and basketball

Step #1- Back Story

This comic is basically my busy life and what I do in a day.

The stick figure in the image is sitting on a chair in a living room with a window and a lamp on the side. And thinking about things such as expenses, life, studies, future and seems to be very tensed.

Step #1 – Back Story

In the figure above I have represented myself who thinks a lot about a lot of things at the same time and get irritated, depressed moreover get lost…

The stick figure which is basically depicting me playing soccer with other stick figures. Which has big thinking cloud in his head, thinking about work which needs to be done


The above pictorial depiction is of me and my friends. We were playing just before our high school preparatory exams; my parents were calling me to get back…

A stick figure holds his face with a dark cloud forming above him.


In the comic there is a dark cloud, a physical representation of my anxiety. Ever since covid I have noticed that my anxiety levels have increased and at…

The stick figure is having a thought process of managing his time. He needs to schedule his whole day and to focus on one thing at a time to be efficient in whatever task he is doing.

back story

In this comix, The stick man is planning to start managing his time while doing his daily chores. there is a clock stating that the time never stops…

I am on my bed late at night with a to do list empty and clothes on the floot

back story

I am in my bed late at night upset because of my sleep schedule I have things to do but no energy to do them

Panel showing stick figure laying in bed remembering the negative thoughts

Step #1 – Get cape – backstory

Every night before going to bed my mind is swamped with all the negative thought and comments I’ve ever received which not only mess up my sleep schedule…

As regards to the comic, wherein I spent my day playing video games, Netflix and usage of the mobile phone, so I had an extremely ineffective day, and i slept after 3.00 A.M.

step 1

in this modern time of innovation, each and everyone is having distractions that stand up to be unproductive, it can be mobile phones, television or before long, we…

confused stick figure surrounded by key words such as “hungry,” “full,” “happy,” “sad” as well as question marks next to them and a big circle highlighting their tummy

Step #1 – Back Story

I have noticed ever since entering the next step of my academic career – attending CAPU, my diet and mood had declined. My mood swings would occur more…

the stick figure is blanked minded while thinking about all the errands they have to complete throughout the day. in the room there is a mess and clutter everywhere with homework on the desk. the stick figure cannot decide whether to clean or do their homework first.

Step #1

the stick figure is trying to figure out if she she should clean or do homework.

Student sitting at crowded desk with books and dishes looking overwhelmed.

Step #1 – Get cape -My Back Story

This comic represents how I can feel during the school year when everything starts to stack up. It feels like I have millions of books, papers, tabs, pens…

stick figure person is seen sitting on a chair in front of a television. Above the stick figure\\\'s head is a thinking bubble that shows images of notebooks. The stick figure has a stressed and unfocussed expression on their face.

Step #1 Back Story

In this comic I am seen procrastinating by watching T.V but I am unable to focus and be happy because I am also stressing about the homework I…

The stick figure is sleeping till afternoon. The laziness makes him just to focus on sleep instead of anything else. After eating and again sleeping without any physical activity makes the stick figure lazy and fat.

Step #1 Back story

The stick figure is showing his unhealthy life which makes him to gain a lot of weight.

The stick figure shows a person is sleeping or using mobile all the time and a third person is shouting on the first

Get Cape; Step #1(Back story)

It is the story of time when the covid-19 started. we all were instructed to keep inside our houses. I was just doing two things, sleeping or use…

I am studying for school but I am thinking about how much I\'d love to play the piano but I don\'t have time

Step #1 : Back Story

I am studying for school and doing all my assignments but I have so much to study that I can’t find any time to play the piano.

In my comic is a stick figure of me in bed on my phone at 3am not being able to sleep. Next to the bed it shows another stick figure of myself the next morning with a pen and notebook trying to complete school work on the table.

Get Cape Step#1

In my comic it shows myself in bed late at night not being able to sleep because I stay up on my phone, and therefore the next day…

Stick figure person who looks sad, they see all of these overwhelming things around them like school, world problems, car problems, emotions, moving and others.

Step #1 – Back story

My comic shows how I can feel very overwhelmed sometimes with many situations in my life. The stick person is represented as sad because these everyday stresses affects…

A person laying in bed with arms behind head. Thought bubble containing a sad person walking in the rain with a broken umbrella.

Step #1 – Remember that one awful thing?

Each day is filled with a thousand tiny moments. At the end of the day, out of all of those moments, it is all too easy for me…

2 stickfigures, one is very tired and sad, holding coffee, the other stickfigure is awake and happy doing taichi

Step 1 – Back story

I used to always see teachers drink coffee in the mornings because they were tired. My mom used to always tell me that coffee was bad for you,…