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Show us a stick figure scene of your progress with “make one change” 7 COMPLETED days into your research project.

The stick figure in the image is drinking water from a water cooler and trying to be hydrated to get energetic.

Step #4 – Day 7

The stick figure of mine is all about drinking water. As this week I concentrated on being hydrated as much as I could. In past seven days I…

Me sitting on my bed thinking of good and bad things that happened during the day. There are text bubbles that change from me being stressed about my day, to being happy all thanks to the bird that was sitting on my car in the thought bubble.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

At the end of my 7th day of practice, I am sitting on the bed recalling events that happened in my day. Even though I was initially upset…

The stick figure is lying on the bed with a big cloud on his head in which it is feeling positive about his body


In this comic stick figure which is reflecting me is lying on the bed and started feeling better about his body.

Person with tears in their eyes. Above them is the text \

Step #4 – Never mind. I am the entire circus.

Day 7: I forgot entirely to stop and eat without the screen in front of my face. I am so busy. Help.

On day 7 I realized that I started to slowly back down on my promise to go outside for a certain period of time. The days I knew I did not soccer I substituted walking my dog for 60 mins a day

Step #4

I am taking dog on a walk outside

Three versions of one girl going up a steep mountain with different weather.

Get Cape #4a – Wear Cape: Day 7 (halfway)

This comic shows how my get cape has been going, I feel like I am doing well and then I forget to meditate at a certain time. I…

Stick version of me finally falling asleep at 12:00 AM and getting 8 hours of sleep because it will help me be relaxed the next day.

Step#4- Wear Cape – Day 7 (halfway)

In the stick figure scene its me falling asleep at a reasonable time. I am starting to become more relaxed each and everyday because I’m getting my eight…

The stick figure is walking around and counting his steps. At day 7 he is at 9000 steps and is around his goal. His noted all his steps from last 6 days.

Step #4 – Day 7 – (halfway) goal completed

The stick figure is walking and counting his step at day 7. He started a task at day 1 with the goals of 10,000 steps. He finished his…

A stick figure is seen holding and looking at their phone with one hand and the other hand is on their head indicating they remembered something. The thinking bubble above their head shoes a stick figure meditating and thinking of peace.

Step #4 Wear Cape: Day 7

In this comic, I am seen looking at the time and realizing I should practice my mindfulness mediation. While thinking of the time I usually practice meditation I…

A stickman is meditating on their red mat at 1AM, very exhausted. They have eyebags, with a chai latte on their mat, and lots of due homework on the side.

Step #4 – Wear Cape – Day 7

I meditated for the last time, it was hard to keep it up. I managed to do it every single day, however by the end of it, I…

Our protagonist looks at himself in the mirror and is feeling pure joy. The endorphins have grown stronger, as has he, and his runs have gotten longer! He is in his bedroom, a lamp glowing softly behind him. It\\\'s early evening and he just returned home from his jog!

Step #4, Day 7!

Maybe its the lighting, maybe it’s the endorphins, one thing is certain our hero prefers this version of himself much more than the one he knew seven days…

I see a girl who seems to be very tired of work, and down from the horrible whether. she is sitting on her yoga matt meditating, with her blinds closed and music playing on her laptop.


in my comic there is a girl who seems to want to quit her job as its seems to be exhausting for her and not feeling like working…

a ghastly figure inside of a mirror, seemingly in fear of itself.

Step #4 – Wear cape – day 7

the work I was doing involves standing in front of a mirror in order to use positive talk to improve mood, however, I am also afflicted with body…

A man on his knees who put his hands toghether, a bed ,carpet ,closet. a clock sitting on a desk beneath the window.


In the drawing, you can see me on the 7th day of my gratitude practice I set up the alarm on my clock and as soon as it…

Candles are lit, incense is burning, music is playing, and drool is coming from the figure’s mouth

Step #4 – Wear Cape Day 7

By this time, the meditation is becoming a routine, and a lovely one at that. The figure can be seen with drool coming from its mouth because admittedly…

The stick person is outside. Stretching different parts of there body. They\'re on the yoga mate playing quite nice sounds music to prepare for there meditation. The Sun is out with a little bit of clouds which making it perfect day to do it outside.

Get Cape #4 Starting of the journey begins

In this comic the stick person is stretching in different parts of there body outside in the mid morning day before they start mediation. The music is playing…

A stickman sits at his computer with a smile on his face. He is looking at his computer and listening to music. Above his head is a speech bubble that reads, \

Step #4: Day 7 (halfway) – Finally Content

I finally feel completely focused and happy after putting my phone away for an hour while I study.

Stick figure stands at a desk thinking about their cellphone as they cannot use it and need to do homework.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

As the days go by with our wear cape project, I find that certain days get a little harder as I want to just check my phone for…

stick figure person walking up feeling well rested

Step #4 – Getting Good Rest

I have woken up after a good nights sleep feeling very refreshed and ready to tackle the big day ahead!

A man is lifting weights, sweating, and is wearing a sweatband. There is a small smirk on his face.


On day seven, I am sticking to my routine and have started to exercise with more confidence. It has been getting a little bit easier going to the…