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stick figure child picks up blue cape.


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The figure is sitting on the desk and doing some work

WEAR CAPE: DAY 1 of Planning and organizing tasks

The figure in the comix is sitting on a desk and doing some work on the laptop. He is planning his schedule for the day in his mind…

There is a stick figure which is scared of sleeping alone .

Get cape step #6

So , in the picture the stick figure is me .And as I had moved to a new place I was having a lot of issue sleeping as…

I am on my bed late at night with a to do list empty and clothes on the floot

back story

I am in my bed late at night upset because of my sleep schedule I have things to do but no energy to do them

A stick figure with happy face, writing about things she appreciates before going to sleep


Coming up with many positive events and things I’ve felt thankful for was pretty awesome as it was quite challenging for me before. I guess remembering to always…

you see a boy who is always on his phone and he is not joining his friends to socialize. He realizes that he is not happy being on his phone too much so he decided to join his friends.

Growing happiness at CapU during the pandemic

A boy who is so much into his phone and he is not hanging out with his friends, after a while he feels anxious and he decides to…

A zombie, text says \


This implies that when you are tired you’re sluggish like a zombie. The solution would be to take a nap.

Stick figure woman and dog on a leash

Making one change

This is a story of one wellness practice I want to add to my day.

Stick figure does downward dog

Making one change

This is a story of one wellness practice I want to add to my day.

Two girls sitting next to each other on the bus laughing with backpacks at their feet


When I worked a full day plus overtime and then had a full day of classes the next day, I was super tired and delirious. I ended up…