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Your “Get cape” data collection is finished. Show us a scene of the lowest or hardest day conducting your “Get cape” research. Be sure to show us the biggest obstacle to your research success on this low day.

stick figure person staying up too late because of all of his homework


I am staying up very late trying to get all of my homework done, but it is coming at the cost of a good nights sleep.

The stick figure in the image is lying on the bed feeling depressed as the stress level is very high. Thinking he did not do anything day.

Step #6 – Wear cape flop? Your hardest day

It was day 4th of my practice of eating healthy food and being happy. But, I did not do anything that day and I was really upset and…

It shows stick figure as me, going to work, then doing the study, then sleeping with time passes by.

Step#6 hardest flop

It shows stick figure as me busy in work, then doing the study, at the end sleeping. In a whole day, as the time passes by, I didn’t…

Me, trying to recall positive events. In a text bubble I am realizing nothing positive occurred.

STEP #6- Wear cape- Flop? Your hardest day

In my comic, I am trying to continue my practice by recalling positive events that occurred in my day. It effected my happiness to realize that I couldn’t…

There is a stick figure which is scared of sleeping alone .

Get cape step #6

So , in the picture the stick figure is me .And as I had moved to a new place I was having a lot of issue sleeping as…

Stick version of me having the worst sleep ever. It was 2:00 AM and I was still wide awake

Step #6- Your hardest day

This was the first day of my project to get eight hours of sleep. I decided to go to sleep early at 12:00 AM, but little do I…

I\'m in my bed and I woke up late for my morning shift. I didn\'t get enough sleep either. I\'ve wanted 30 minutes but had to make due with 15 minutes of my meditation.

Get Cape #6 Flop ?

stick figure with a grumpy sad face is laying down on the bed. A cloud (thoughts) says couple of his emotions of how he feeling if to meditate.

A bed with a stick figure with a sad face laying down. A cloud (thought) bubble that reads I\'m late for work. I don\'t have time to meditate!

Step 6: Wear Cape – FLOP?

I am laying in bed and I woke up late. I was running late for work and wanted to skip meditating because I wanted to save time but…

Stick figure girl is celebrating her birthday with friends and cake

Step #6 flop? Your hardest day

It was difficult for my to eat healthy on my birthday because friends kept wanting me to treat me out for lunch and dinner. It was also difficult…

I am very sorrow from the loss of my friend but I\'m trying to get better with gratitude

Step #6 Your hardest day

After the loss of my friend I felt so sorrow and down for few days but I tried to help myself get through it by doing gratitude .

In this picture There is stick figure which is depicting me. Enjoying birthday party and there is table with cake and balloons everywhere and also to do list in which there are non productive things are written.

Step #6

The day on which I did not eat anything healthy, no workout was done and reading was ignored was my lowest day. It was on the occasion of…

In the park for what was meant to be 10 minutes trying to read but then after 5 minutes I left.

Flop Day

In this comic I am struggling to keep up with reading, basketball and all my other daily activities as I am sick and feel very weak.

A stick figure having trouble finding articles that are related to her practice.


It was difficult for me to find the right, useful peer review articles at first rather than reading the articles. It was because there were too many sources…

A stuck figure sitting on a floor, crying and feeling low.

Feeling low

There is a stick man figure who is stressed out and thinking that he will not be able to complete his tasks as there is not much time…

A visual representation of me as a stickman who looks unwell. It is November 1st, with a stickman sitting up in a red bed, with a laptop and a tipped over green bottle on it.

Step #6 – My Hardest Day

I was hungover from my birthday. My birthday was on Halloween, so the image shows the aftermath. Despite all the challenges I faced, I pulled out my laptop…

Stick person driving and running out of water

Step #6 – Lowest day. Flop! Ran out of water

Stick person driving then realizing she ran out of water, she then has to find water to keep up with her daily water intake

A stick figure looking at a paper.


This is a day before my midterm, I was looking at my materials and asking myself “what if I fail tomorrow?” and ended up stressed out a lot…

I am sitting alone and feeling lonely and stay away from phone .

Step #6 – Hardest Day

I am feeling lonely because I have some issues with my family and my relationship with my boyfriend was not going well .These things affect my focus to…

The stick figure shows my most challenging day on which i was facing some health challenges and on the same day i was having an exam.

GET CAPE #6- Highest day

In the comic, my hardest day among 14 days is shown. On that day i came across so many health challenges.

It is 7 am and I am about to start my daily reading as usual however, I am stressed about my physics test and my work after which does not give me the 100% focus I need

STEP#6 Hardest Day

It is 7 am and I am about to start my daily reading as usual however, I am stressed about my physics test and my work after which…