12 Month: December 2021

You can see stick figure me breathing in and out slowly.


I was trying some slow, relaxing breathing techniques from one of the articles I read to reduce my stress before taking a test.

I show myself thinking about all the things I have to do and just choosing to sleep.


For the longest time I never knew how to deal with my stress. I would always choose to sleep instead of getting things done as a way of…

There is a yoga mat on the floor and a speaker which is playing calming relaxing music. The stick figure is preparing to do some yoga

Where i will fly next

In this comic I am starting to do yoga and hoping to implement this in my day to day life. There is a yoga mat and some music…

This is multiple stick figures versions of me doing what I do in a day such as going to the gym, school, work and basketball

Step #1- Back Story

This comic is basically my busy life and what I do in a day.

This is a stick version of myself dreaming about get cape and having a good sleep with my new sleep schedule.

Step #8

This comic is me having a good sleep dreaming about the get cape while having a good sleep with my new sleeping schedule.

This is a stick version of myself enjoying some popcorn at the end of the night while watching a movie on Netflix.

Step #7

In this comic, I am so relaxed because I had no stress this day. This is me enjoying myself because I finished everything I needed to do.

Stick version of my self talking to my friend saying how I am so stressed and I need to relax. In the \

Step #5- Show me the data!

This is a comic of me overcoming my goal. Before doing this project I was always stressed but this project showed me that anything is possible when you…

stick figure person discovering how much a good nights rest means to him

Step#8 – Where To Next?

I am finally realizing how important sleep is to me. Through this experiment I finally realized eight hours of sleep is essential for me to be the best…

stick figure man going for a run because he feels well rested


I am going for a nice morning run before class because I feel extremely well rested after getting a full eight hours of sleep!

stick figure person staying up too late because of all of his homework


I am staying up very late trying to get all of my homework done, but it is coming at the cost of a good nights sleep.

The stick figure in my comic is flying in the sky and is very happy of his achievement of achieving his final goal. He is just at the top of the world. In his mind he is so proud of himself of deciding and doing what he thought of. And just with the thought of finally achieving he is very happy.

Step #8 – FLY. Next

My comic is all about my last of the 14 days eating healthy practice is side by side being happy as well. I have finally achieved my goal…

The stick figure in the image is making food by himself and looks really happy. as he woke up early to make healthy food and is very enthusiastic

Step #7 – Fly! Highest Height … So far

I was day 5th day of my eating healthy practice and I was really energetic, and I think this was the day I got really motivated and was…