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The stick figure begins a new start of walking. He went to the walk in the morning and cover a few steps of 3000 and then after sometimes he achieve steps of 4000. After an hour walk he did 5000 steps at day 1. The morning walk makes him relaxed and let the stick to lose some weight.

Step#3 Day1

The stick figure started walking and set a goal of 10,000 steps. At day 1, the stick achieves 5000 steps which was good for his day 1 beginning.

There are two stick figures in which one is myself and another one is my friend. He was teasing me by saying lazy fatty. the stick figure started to get embraced everyday. So the stick figure decided to make a goal of walking 10,000 steps in next 7 days.

Step#2 Preparing for change.

The stick figure is getting embraced by listening teasing words, so he decided to go for walk everyday with 7 days goal of 10,000 steps.

The stick figure is sleeping till afternoon. The laziness makes him just to focus on sleep instead of anything else. After eating and again sleeping without any physical activity makes the stick figure lazy and fat.

Step #1 Back story

The stick figure is showing his unhealthy life which makes him to gain a lot of weight.

Candles are lit, incense is burning, music is playing, and drool is coming from the figure’s mouth

Step #4 – Wear Cape Day 7

By this time, the meditation is becoming a routine, and a lovely one at that. The figure can be seen with drool coming from its mouth because admittedly…

The stick person is outside. Stretching different parts of there body. They\'re on the yoga mate playing quite nice sounds music to prepare for there meditation. The Sun is out with a little bit of clouds which making it perfect day to do it outside.

Get Cape #4 Starting of the journey begins

In this comic the stick person is stretching in different parts of there body outside in the mid morning day before they start mediation. The music is playing…

A stickman sits at his computer with a smile on his face. He is looking at his computer and listening to music. Above his head is a speech bubble that reads, \

Step #4: Day 7 (halfway) – Finally Content

I finally feel completely focused and happy after putting my phone away for an hour while I study.

Stick figure stands at a desk thinking about their cellphone as they cannot use it and need to do homework.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

As the days go by with our wear cape project, I find that certain days get a little harder as I want to just check my phone for…

stick figure person walking up feeling well rested

Step #4 – Getting Good Rest

I have woken up after a good nights sleep feeling very refreshed and ready to tackle the big day ahead!

A man is lifting weights, sweating, and is wearing a sweatband. There is a small smirk on his face.


On day seven, I am sticking to my routine and have started to exercise with more confidence. It has been getting a little bit easier going to the…

A stick-figure lays on a yoga mat after a good workout. On the right side there is a set of dumbbells and a jump-rope. On the left side is a weight plate. The stick-figure lays with a dream cloud over head (flowers and butterflies) free of stress and anxiety.

Step #4 – DAY7 (halfway): Do not Disturb

A stick-figure lays on a yoga mat after a good workout. On the right side there is a set of dumbbells and a jump-rope. On the left side…

Stick girl holds a cup of coffee and stares out a sunny window. A yoga mat and pair of dumbbells and behind her. Music plays from an iPhone.

Step #4 – Day 7 (halfway)

This comic shows me enjoying and looking forward to working out as a new part of my routine. I am overall feeling happier to start my day!

Stick figure person meditating while surrounded by nature, which displays her relaxed state of mind. There are flowers, grass, and clouds.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

This is an example of how I feel while I am meditating, especially on the seventh day. I have noticed a change in my mindset and the way…

In this figure person put the mobile on the table and spend time on study so that her marks in the study can be raised.


After keep my mobile aside for around last 6 days on the day 7 I have less interest in mobile and I was spending more of my time…

In the stick figure person is putting mobile on silent mode and put it aside and become sad.


On the day one of get cape wear cape project I started my putting my mobile aside and concentrate on my studies. when I put my mobile aside…

Stick figure depicts that a person is planning to read books in the library in order to reduce the usage of mobile.

Get Cape; Step #2(Preparing for Change)

This the time when I get my cape. I decided to go to library so that I can read different kind of books and deduct my timing on…

The stick figure shows a person is sleeping or using mobile all the time and a third person is shouting on the first

Get Cape; Step #1(Back story)

It is the story of time when the covid-19 started. we all were instructed to keep inside our houses. I was just doing two things, sleeping or use…

birds eye view of queen bed, two pillows and blue duvet. Stick figure is sprawled across bed like a starfish with an unhappy expression on face

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

Day 7 was probably one of my worst days. I had completely removed the thought of completing my meditation that day since I felt so overwhelmed, and having…

Stick figure above shows doing me various exercises that I do.


The comic above describes the day 7 of me doing exercise to make myself healthy and fit. Exercise controls my weight and improves my mood. It also boosts…

The stick figure above shows me doing exercise that I started earlier i.e. running, walking.

Step #3- WEAR CAPE: DAY1

This is first day of starting exercise, running and walking. I felt that I will not be able to do exercise but after that exercising makes my body…

A girl rushing downs stairs trying to catch up with a clock bouncing down farther.

Get Cape #4b – Wear Cape: Day 7 (halfway)

This comic shows how my get cape has been going, because meditation requires time I find myself forgetting to allow for this time. I feel like I am…