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Now that you have attempted/achieved ‘flying’ with your psychological practice, it’s time to show us a stick figure scene of your evidence-based conclusions. What do your 14 days of data — dependent measures (e.g., happiness, productivity, energy) — reveal about the effectiveness of your psychological practice. Note: you may include a cartoon sketch of the graph of your data. You will also submit an APA style graph of your data with your full report.

Stick version of my self talking to my friend saying how I am so stressed and I need to relax. In the \

Step #5- Show me the data!

This is a comic of me overcoming my goal. Before doing this project I was always stressed but this project showed me that anything is possible when you…

The stick figure in the image is running on a treadmill in order to chive the trophy for achieving his goal. He looks very tired.

Step #5 – Show me the DATA!!

My comic is all about achieving the goal of 14 days of eating healthy food. The stick figure in my comic is running on a treadmill to win…

Me, after having analyzed my data, realizing its permanent effect. I am looking out the window and feeling content. There is a thought bubble showing that I am happy, and a speech bubble stating my disbelief that this actually increased my happiness!


This is a scene showing my thoughts and realizations after having taken a look at my data, and I am in shock by the positive permanent effects and…

The picture includes stick figure which is basically me out for the walk in the morning. And on the left side there is table filled with healthy foods and on the wall there is checklist of which includes things to do.

step #5

So, in the picture given above, which represents the results of my project. First getting up early at 7 which can be seen in the bottom left corner…

The comic is of a girl sitting at a desk. The desk has a computer on which google sheets is open. The desk also has a cactus on it and the girl has a thought bubble with a smiley face, equal sign and ā€œZā€s as a symbol of sleep.

Step #5 – Get cape – Show us your data!

In this comic I am analyzing my results on google sheets and I am seeing that there is a correlation between my happiness levels and how much I…

In the stick figure, a person is looking at the broad which is placed on the wall that he has been doing for project, and there is a graph which reveals that results are rising. An individual is quite happy, after looking upon results.

Step #5

In the comic, a person is happy because he is doing things which he decided to do after going through some obstacles. He is sleeping 8 hours and…

Sitting in the park on a cloudy day, reading a book peacefully.

Step 5 – Getting in the swing of things

In this comic I decided to sit on a park bench and read my book which has gotten a lot easier over time. Especially to focus and be…

In this comic, there is one sad person with Some food which leads to one happier person.

Step 5# get cape

This comic shows a stick figure as me who is sad and depressed in initial and i add some healthy food which made my mood happy. Eating healthy…

In this comic, I am continuing to meditate every other day of the week. Even after 14 days, I am carrying along my good routine for my everyday life.

Get Cape #5 Show me the Data

Stick figure is in the room playing soft sounded music, while mediating in peace and in a calm space.

First scene shows title " Pre-midterms" and stick figure with stressed face and a coffee. Grey cloud with lightning bolts above the stick figure. Second scene has title "Post Midterms" and stick figure with happy face and colourful fireworks above.

Step 5: Show me the data!

Based on my data it can be seen via the graphs that before midterms I was a lot unhappier because of the stress I was experiencing and the…

Stick figure girl is cooking in the kitchen meal prepping foods like salmon and carrots

Step #5- show me the data! My conclusion is

In this comic, I am continuing to meal prep my weekly meals. Even after the 14 days, I am carrying over my healthy eating habits to everyday life!

I am taking some time to breath and gratitude and get calm

Step #5, Show me the data

I did learn that even though if life gets hard sometimes I should be able to still gratitude and appreciate my life, that way I can make hard…

3 stickfigures, going in a cycle. The first one is sleeping, where the next one is meditating, and then the third one is getting ready to go to sleep.

Step #5 Show me the Data!

From the data I concluded that I was working non-stop in a continuous never-ending cycle of waking up, meditating, and then sleeping. I felt like I was a…

After viewing the results I found that there may be a cause for a decrease or no change of happiness throughout the day even though the reading has been done. One reason for that could be the method of my measurement and other factors affecting the productivity, mood and happiness

Get cape #5

After viewing the results I found that there may be a cause for a decrease or no change of happiness throughout the day even though the reading has…

There is a stick figure looking at two charts, one is for anxiety the other for exercise. Exercise is increasing and anxiety is decreasing.

Step #5 ā€“ Show me the data! My conclusion is ā€¦

By reviewing my data, I noticed that as I am increasing the amount of exercise that I do it is having a positive effect on my life by…

The following comic is a description of my highest and most stress-free day because I was at home and didn\'t have any work to complete on that particular day. I spent the entire day relaxing, sleeping, and listening to music.


The comic is describing my highest day on which I was free without any work.

The stick figure shows after 14 days i will stay happy with full energy. Going to gym and doing exercise will be given preference. Heathy food will be eaten.


The comic depicts my conclusion. After 2 weeks I will follow the same lifestyle I did in these 14 days.

Two stick figures in the right and left side, sleeping on the bed and open diaries.


It might be a coincidence but when I didn’t write a diary. I seemed to be less happy according to my graphs. When I wrote expressive writing in…

A figure staring at the chart.

my results

This is me looking at my chart, not surprised about my results. It felt like a rollercoaster chart, from going up high and dropping down real fast. To…

stick figure with meditate over it then three other with record over it all in a circle of arrows with repeat in the middle

step 5 final copy

this cycle is what i need to follow for my results, it did increase my happiness but the purpose of the image was to show that staying consistent…