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Your project is finished! You had an initial issue, your chose ONE psychological practice to try, you gathered materials, and organized your life for a good beginning. You practiced your technique for 14 days (not counting missed days), and you flew — or not. What will be different or the same about your life now that you have completed your ‘Get cape. Wear cape. Fly.’ research project? Where will you “fly” next?

There are two stick figures in comic. In first panel, person looking up things, he been doing after 14 days project ,and in second stick figure: person thinking of things he was doing before project.

step #8

It essentially portrays two circumstances: before project and after project. Prior to project, I was not getting 8 hours rest and usually killing time on phone. After project,…

I am so happy and filled with positive energy and thoughts .My days were brighter than other normal days.

Step #8 Fly . Next

I wanted to continue this wellness practice throughout whole life as it changed my life and bring positivity so that I can see positive side of every situation…

A stick figure standing.

step 8

There is nothing changed about my life after the project. However, I currently trying other ways to calm myself and not have stress or anxiety in my life.

The sun is setting behind a large body of water. There is also a cloud, a cliff, and a jumping stick figure.


I am jumping for joy while looking at a beautiful sunset. I am reflecting on what I have just accomplished, despite it being so difficult. I know now…

After practicing daily reading I would like to practice meditation and gratitude to see how my life would change overall by adding all these small habits. Matter of a fact I strongly believe that it is all about adding small habits to become successful and make big changes

Get cape #8

After practicing daily reading I would like to practice meditation and gratitude to see how my life would change overall by adding all these small habits. As matter…

person standing and smiling then an arrow with a person laying in an empty room then an arrow than a person holding a bag

step #8

i will continue with this practice of meditating and recording my happiness as it did improve my mood and try to incorporate this into my everyday life.

cell phone, eyes to right of phone.

Step #8 – FLY. Next

Now that I have completed my “Get Cape” research project I am more aware of the time I spend on my phone. I am much happier and energized…

character is seen more comfortable around others and open!


through this comic, this character is surrounded by more people with the new social abilities that were gradually developed again through this project. this character has new friends,…

A stick figure does a handstand.

Up Up and Away!

My goal going forward is a handstand. I want to build up the patience, endurance and core strength. Success will come with steady practice; I have picked this…

A stick figure stands and points down a road, where there are signs going down the road with the words, meditation, deep breathing and yoga written.

step #8 Fly. Where Will You Fly Next?

In this comic, I am thinking and pointing down a path of many types of meditation I might try next. Now that I have completed my study I…

Stick figure reminding themselves to put away devices.

Step #8 – Fly. Next

Even though the project has come to an end, I will continue doing this practice as it has had a huge positive impact in my life.

I sit at my desk and knit. A thought bubble is above my head to represent that I am not thinking about my phone.

Step #8 – Where will you fly next?

In my comic, it shows me doing something that I love to do, such as knitting and not wasting time on my phone. The thought bubble represents that…

After finishing my Get cape, I resolved to live a happy life free of stress. I will avoid all stressful situations and strive to maintain a positive attitude at all times. I would also continue eating nutritious foods.


According to the comic, In the future, I shall be joyful and stress-free.

glassed man leaned against the table while looking at his phone and leaving his computer on.

Part 8: Where Will I Fly Next?

there was a lot of struggle during this whole project. Ups and downs included during the sequence of events following these two weeks that I have been doing…

A person doing yoga.

Step #8 – Fly

After trying out meditation for two weeks, I think I will try to practice yoga daily. It focuses on the breath (like meditation) while also forcing you to…

stick figure of myself standing in a proud pose with my 2 arms up, with a smile on my face and wearing a cape on my back.

step#8, where will you fly next

in my comic, it shows me realizing that I am capable of anything, and that if I put my mind to something I can actually accomplish it and…

The comic is describing about my thought of staying happy, healthy and stress free.


The comic is describing my thought of staying happy and healthy.

A man laying on a bed occupying one of the pillows, there is a blanket lying next to him. A cloud of thought is above his head, inside it its written “wow, thank you! I’m grateful for everything


My project is finished but I still do my gratitude practice before sleep, reminding myself of the things that I’m so blessed to have. I would go to…

The figure is on the couch while incense burns beside the television.

#8 Fly: Next “caper”- Where will you fly next?

Since the Get Cape project I find myself lighting incense a lot for no real reason. It causes an unexplainable pleasance throughout my days. I see myself getting…

Stick figure is sitting at a desk in a room with a sign that states there is a test that day.

Step #8- Fly. Next “Caper”- Where Will You Fly Next?

I am hoping to continue using the strategy of deep breathing in my day to day life now. This comic is a picture of me practicing my deep…