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A girl is lying in bed. She is awake and has a thought bubble above her head with a cloud and rain inside it.


When I was diagnosed with Major Depression about a year ago fixing my sleep schedule was one of the many steps I took to stabilize my mood. However,…

A right hand is holding an iPhone showing the “clock” app open to the sleep and wake up function. It is set to a sleep goal of 7.5 hours.


In order to prepare for my 14 day study, I will be setting a “wake up” alarm, a “prepare for bed” alarm, and a “go to sleep” alarm….

There is a bed on the left side of the comic. On the right side a person is sitting at a desk with a piece of paper and plant on it. There is a clock above them.


The comic represents how my first day of “Wear Cape” was unsuccessful as I did not complete my mental health practice. Even though I set up a reminder…

A smiling girl is in a bathroom holding a toothbrush in her hand. There is a mirror, a sink and a counter with a hairbrush, comb and toothpaste on it.


By the seventh day of my Get Cape challenge I adapted a routine to do before going to sleep—earlier than usual. Whilst I have not gotten 7 hours…

There is a girl sitting at a desk. The desk has a chemistry textbook, pencil, plant and piece of paper on it. There is also a lamp beside the desk.

Step #6 – Wear cape – Flop? Your hardest day

This comic shows me stressed because of all the homework and studying that I needed to get done. I found that my happiness levels were often lowest when…

On the left there are three friends chatting, laughing and drinking bubble tea. To the right of the friends there is an addition symbol then someone sleeping in a bed. Beside that there is an equal sign and a yellow smiley face.


The comic I drew represents which events took place on the days that I got the highest happiness ratings. I found that in addition to sleeping 7 (or…

The comic is of a girl sitting at a desk. The desk has a computer on which google sheets is open. The desk also has a cactus on it and the girl has a thought bubble with a smiley face, equal sign and “Z”s as a symbol of sleep.

Step #5 – Get cape – Show us your data!

In this comic I am analyzing my results on google sheets and I am seeing that there is a correlation between my happiness levels and how much I…

The comic has a person sleeping in bed on the left side and three friends on the right. There are also arrows that symbolize a cycle.

Step 8- Fly: next chapter

Now that I have completed this project I have a more stable daily routine which I developed in the process of going to sleep earlier. This routine is…