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Me, wearing my cape with the bird from my step #4 comic on my shoulder (because every superhero needs a sidekick). There is a thought bubble with mountains in it, and a text bubble saying that now that I have mastered my happiness, I can do anything!


Now that I have finished my practice and have mastered my ability to cognitively retrain my thoughts. I am now excited to overcome future obstacles because now I…

I am writing a list at the end of the day of all the things that happened that made me happy. On a paper I have listed that I got smiled at, that I was able to find parking, and that I pet a dog today.

STEP #2 – Get Cape: Preparing for change

I am writing down a list of all the positive things that occurred in the day that caused me joy in any type of way so that I…

Me, after having analyzed my data, realizing its permanent effect. I am looking out the window and feeling content. There is a thought bubble showing that I am happy, and a speech bubble stating my disbelief that this actually increased my happiness!


This is a scene showing my thoughts and realizations after having taken a look at my data, and I am in shock by the positive permanent effects and…

The stick figure is lying on the bed with a big cloud on his head in which it is feeling positive about his body


In this comic stick figure which is reflecting me is lying on the bed and started feeling better about his body.

The stick figure which is basically depicting me playing soccer with other stick figures. Which has big thinking cloud in his head, thinking about work which needs to be done


The above pictorial depiction is of me and my friends. We were playing just before our high school preparatory exams; my parents were calling me to get back…

The picture includes stick figure which is basically me out for the walk in the morning. And on the left side there is table filled with healthy foods and on the wall there is checklist of which includes things to do.

step #5

So, in the picture given above, which represents the results of my project. First getting up early at 7 which can be seen in the bottom left corner…

Stick figure as me, going for grocery shopping, and prepared meals

Step#8 fly. Next

In this comic, it shows stick figure as me going for grocery shopping once a week, and by managing my time, i prepared my meals before starting the…

It shows me and all prepared meals for the day

Step#7 highest height

It shows stick figure as me eating all meals a day. Meals were prepared before starting the project. Therefore it was my highest height.

It shows stick figure as me, going to work, then doing the study, then sleeping with time passes by.

Step#6 hardest flop

It shows stick figure as me busy in work, then doing the study, at the end sleeping. In a whole day, as the time passes by, I didn’t…

A stick figure holds his face with a dark cloud forming above him.


In the comic there is a dark cloud, a physical representation of my anxiety. Ever since covid I have noticed that my anxiety levels have increased and at…

The figure is sitting on the desk and doing some work

WEAR CAPE: DAY 1 of Planning and organizing tasks

The figure in the comix is sitting on a desk and doing some work on the laptop. He is planning his schedule for the day in his mind…

The stick figure is having a thought process of managing his time. He needs to schedule his whole day and to focus on one thing at a time to be efficient in whatever task he is doing.

back story

In this comix, The stick man is planning to start managing his time while doing his daily chores. there is a clock stating that the time never stops…

Me, sitting at my desk at the end of the night, recalling that the negative obstacles didn’t ruin my happiness.


In my comic, I am realizing that despite the fact that something happened that would usually make me very unhappy, I have still been able to maintain my…

Me, trying to recall positive events. In a text bubble I am realizing nothing positive occurred.

STEP #6- Wear cape- Flop? Your hardest day

In my comic, I am trying to continue my practice by recalling positive events that occurred in my day. It effected my happiness to realize that I couldn’t…

The comic has a person sleeping in bed on the left side and three friends on the right. There are also arrows that symbolize a cycle.

Step 8- Fly: next chapter

Now that I have completed this project I have a more stable daily routine which I developed in the process of going to sleep earlier. This routine is…

There is a stick figure which is scared of sleeping alone .

Get cape step #6

So , in the picture the stick figure is me .And as I had moved to a new place I was having a lot of issue sleeping as…

There is a stick figure flying.

Get cape step #8

So , After I completed my get cape project my sleeping schedule was fixed I had more energy to do more work as compare to the past that…

There is a girl sleeping peacefully.

Get cape step #7

In the picture, it is the scene of one of the best day when I sleep very peacefully because I finished all my work prior to the deadlines…

The comic is of a girl sitting at a desk. The desk has a computer on which google sheets is open. The desk also has a cactus on it and the girl has a thought bubble with a smiley face, equal sign and “Z”s as a symbol of sleep.

Step #5 – Get cape – Show us your data!

In this comic I am analyzing my results on google sheets and I am seeing that there is a correlation between my happiness levels and how much I…

On the left there are three friends chatting, laughing and drinking bubble tea. To the right of the friends there is an addition symbol then someone sleeping in a bed. Beside that there is an equal sign and a yellow smiley face.


The comic I drew represents which events took place on the days that I got the highest happiness ratings. I found that in addition to sleeping 7 (or…