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Your “Get cape” data collection is finished. Show us a scene of the lowest or hardest day conducting your “Get cape” research. Be sure to show us the biggest obstacle to your research success on this low day.

There is a girl sitting at a desk. The desk has a chemistry textbook, pencil, plant and piece of paper on it. There is also a lamp beside the desk.

Step #6 – Wear cape – Flop? Your hardest day

This comic shows me stressed because of all the homework and studying that I needed to get done. I found that my happiness levels were often lowest when…

A stick figure is lying face down on the ground with an anxiety cloud swirling above him.


It’s the first day of the get cape project and I do not want to go to the gym. I am frozen in almost a state of panic…

person laying down with clutter and noise all around him in a room another stick figure is yelling into the room

Step # 6

my biggest problem was not being able to concentrate because of the noise and mess around me leaving me not able to meditate properly

A stick figure lays in bed and sleeps, surrounded by “ZZZ’s”. The time is 3:45pm in the left top corner.

Floppy Feelings

A stick figure lays in bed and sleeps, surrounded by “ZZZ’s”. The time is 3:45pm in the left top corner. This was the hardest day for me. I…

Unhappy stick figure person with desk with books on top of it.

Step #6 – Wear Cape – Flop?

My hardest day of “Get Cape” was a night I had lots of homework due. That night I stayed up very late and was not able to put…

This character is struggling with stressors outside of their full control, and falls below the goals intended for the day


In this comic, there is a character who has goals to be out and about, social, but with the extra stressors of work, school, sleep, homework, etc… it…

First stick figure: person leaving work and he is fatigued. Second stick figure: a individual reached home after 2 hours drive. Third stick figure: person is going to sleep around 3.30 A.M. Last figure: person started reading on his laptop.


In first board, I finished with my work day at 12.00 A.M and following 2 hours of drive, I arrived at home. after shower and having a few…

Scene 1: stick figure seen unhappy and on electronic at work. Scene 2: Stick figure seen unhappy and on laptop completing school work.

Step #6 – Wear Cape – Flop? Your Hardest Day

My hardest research day was the day when I had a long and hard day at work and had come home to many school assignments which caused me…

A stressed stick figure is surrounded by books, a phone, two stick figures and the letter Zs.

Step #6 Wear Cape- Flop

In this scene, I am getting frustrated by all the things distracting me from doing my daily meditation. The biggest obstacles on my lowest day were homework, my…

Man with glasses idly lays down on his bed while watching a post from a phone while stress and anxiety succumbs to his mentality.

Step 6: The hardest day.

There was a time, around the last bits of the second to the third week, where I truly felt extremely pushed and burnt out because of personal life….

The above stick figure is describing my hardest day. On that day I was not well. I was not well. I was suffering from fever and headache but on that same day I have to go for work.an


The given stick figure is depicting about my hardest day.

I am crying with my phone in one hand and a teddy bear in another.

Step #6 Flop? Hardest Day

In my comic, I am shown crying because I was having a really hard day and some things had gone wrong in my personal life. I really needed…

Stick figure of myself sitting at my desk with my laptop open ready for class. Also have zzz referring to myself being extremely tried and low on energy.

Step#6, hardest day

in my comic, it shows myself being very low on energy due to not having enough sleep because family was over the night prior from Toronto. I had…

It is me sitting in a corner on the worst days of my life (sudden breakup from a long term relationship), it felt like my whole world was collapsed and so, to get rid of it, i immersed myself into my entire world of negativity. it


It was the worst day of my entire life, where I got no motivation to keep going on with my life. As a result, my entire research was…

The above comic is describing my hardest day


The stick figure is describing my hardest day on which I was very tired due to lot of work.

A man sitting behind his desk, holding his phone in one hand and his coffee in another .he has his computer infront of him.there is a picture on the wall and his bed in the corner of the room.The window is open and sun is shining inside.


On the hardest day of my get cape project, I was sitting behind my computer and was involved in my online quiz, which was happening that day. in…

An image of a stick figure sitting on a chair thinking about her life.

Step #6- Wear Cape- Flop? Your hardest day…

My Get Cape project’s hardest day is shown in this comic. At the time, I was depressed and overwhelmed. It just comes natural to me to overthink when…

Figure is scratching head on a yoga mat looking very confused.

Wear cape – Flop?

My hardest day would have had to be the first day, starting meditation, something I knew nothing about and didn’t know where to start. The comic is a…

Stick person is standing beside her calendar that states she has a mid term.

Step #6- Wear Cape- Flop? Your hardest day…

There were a few days I was feeling extra stressed during the project. I had a mid term exam coming up that I was really nervous for, so…

A stickman sits at his computer with his hands on his head. Above his head is a bunch of scribbles and a speech bubble that reads, “AAAHH I CAN’T FOCUS!”

Step #6 Worst Day

This was the worst day of my practice. I sat at my computer with no distractions but seemingly couldn’t focus on anything. My head was racing and I…