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Now that you have attempted/achieved ‘flying’ with your psychological practice, it’s time to show us a stick figure scene of your evidence-based conclusions. What do your 14 days of data — dependent measures (e.g., happiness, productivity, energy) — reveal about the effectiveness of your psychological practice. Note: you may include a cartoon sketch of the graph of your data. You will also submit an APA style graph of your data with your full report.

stick figure with meditate over it then three other with record over it all in a circle of arrows with repeat in the middle

Step #5

this cycle is what i need to follo for my results, it did increase my happiness but the purpose of the image was to show that staying consistent…

Stick figure person with line graph to their right.

Step #5 – Show me the data!

When I analyzed my data I noticed I noticed that the days I was successful in putting away my phone before bed, I was usually more energized the…

Day 1: Stick figure is bored and unhappy without devices. Day 14: Stick figure is very happy to put away devices.

Step #5 – Show Me The Data! My Conclusion Is…

In the beginning of my project I was very bored without my devices and was not too happy to put them away. Towards the end of our project,…

Character is seen going from being more upset and isolated, to having more people and relationships and a happier headspace!


In this story, there is a character who starts off more isolated and upset, this character progressed into a happier more socially productive character. By doing this (having…

Stick figure with glasses tosses phone towards a direction to begin his Get Cape Fly Project, but spends his time thinking about an social media app, Instagram, while he is studying.

Part 5: Result and Analasys

I had a difficult time doing the project. However, it did not deter me from giving up. When I truly finished my experiment, I was given insight to…

A stick figure is sitting cross-legged and meditating. Two thinking bubbles above its head show A+ and a math book the other a peace sign.

Step #5 My Conclusion

In this scene, I am meditating and realizing how it is so peaceful now and how I have gotten better as my study went on. The other thinking…

Given Stick figure is me doing exercise in more better way and I have prepared timetable to manage my activities.

Step#5 Conclusion and Result

I am doing Exercise and feeling more happy than usual days .I also feel more focused and motivated .

A stick figure sits at a desk with their laptop. A question mark followed by an arrow pointing to an exclamation mark.

Step5 Analyzing my Results

A stick figure sits at a desk with their laptop. A question mark followed by an arrow pointing to an exclamation mark. This symbolizes me curious with what…

Stick figure of myself with a smile on my face saying \

step#5, conclusion and data

In my comic, it shows me realizing that I am able to do more then what I think I can according to what the graphs have shown throughout…

It contains two graphs which I was collecting and a person sitting on the table.

Step #5- Show Me The Data! My conclusion is….

The comic shows me collecting my daily focus measurement. My focus has greatly improved.

The above stick figure is describing about my conclusion that I am very happy after my 14 days of record.

Step #5 – Get cape – MY CONCLUSION

The above comic is very happy and relaxed after 14 days of completing her wellness practice.

It shows me as a central figure who is more focused and happy when is determined to perform her wellness activity with full dedication and on the other hand when I was lazy to perform meditation, I was more distracted and unwilling to move a single muscle.


The whole idea behind it is that when I was drawing my conclusions I come to the conclusion that the days I got the highest productivity (focus) was…

A man standing on grass there is a flower on one side of him and a tree on the other side of him. a cloud of thought next to him saying \

step #5

In my comic, I am walking in nature surrounded by all the good things God has gifted me. I’m grateful for my eyes that let me enjoy the…

The stick figure is is sitting at a desk on her computer.

Step #5- show me the data

This was when I was sitting at my computer looking at my data from over the 14 days. The thought bubbles are representing different thoughts and feelings I…

A stickman is looking curiously at two graphs with a smile on his face. A speech bubble above his head reads, \

Step #5 Show me the data!

I have realized from doing this project that my practice of being “Indistractable,” makes me very happy when done right. I can see the positive correlation and that…

Stick figure person meditating, with her brain enlarged with flowers blooming out of it. The word, happier is written on top of the brain.

Step #5 – Show Me The Data! My Conclusion Is…

Throughout this study I have learned many valuable things by examining my averages and the two graphs. These graphs have taught me how beneficial and important it is…

A person tearing up in guilt and shame.

Step #5 – Guilt

I am observing my data and I am consumed with shame for my negligence and cheese brain.

A stick figure walking towards a staircase, a bubble thought with the following sentence: The start of a new journey.

Step #5 – Show me the data! The start of a new journey

After analyzing my graphics my conclusion is that I just started a new journey, with a lot of high and lows. I’m pleased that I was able to…

Stick figure in left meditating equating to happiness, figure on the right doing anything but meditating equating to unhappiness.

Show me the data

The days I wasn’t meditating I would watch tv, play video games, scroll social media, basically doing a bunch of nothing.

Data shows happiness is higher without these apps

Step #5- Show Me The Data! My conclusion is….

My graph shows that my happiness is high when I don’t use apps such as Instagram, Snapchat, or VSCO; all social media based apps