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Now that you have chosen what you would like to practice changing, it’s time to ‘get your cape’. Show a scene of you collecting and organizing yourself for success in this project. “A good beginning never ends”

In this comix, i am making change of my eating habits via three methods;- a) by making a diet chart which includes 4 meals a day. It includes healthy foo with juice and water.b) by going supermarket to do the groceries and bringing healthy food and snacks. Because if i have the food, I Have to make it. C) by time management- its an important process to manage my meal time my work and studies.


In this comix, i am making change of my eating habits via three methods;- a) by making a diet chart which includes 4 meals a day. It includes…

A person doing his meditation in the morning, there is a window showing the sun. The person meditating has little plants as a sign of relaxation.


He is a person who is getting into the habit of meditating every morning before starting his daily activities, so that he can start with a lot of…


Step #2 – Get cape – Preparing for a change

I prepared the change for my comic from staying up late watching Netflix to getting up early and doing running and meditation which will helps me to make…

There is a yoga mat on the ground and candles and incense are being set up in preparation for the many meditation sessions ahead.

Step #2 – Get cape: Preparing for change

Figure is lighting candles and setting up incense in preparation for daily meditation.

The stick person is sitting on the yoga mat in different positions. The tv turned on playing relaxing/calm music with the incense lighten up. Also having the blinds open having the positive energy coming through as well.

Get Cape #2 Preparing for a Change

In this comic I am getting ready for my cape assignment/project with having my yoga mat and incense starting with the aura in the air. The tv is…

Stick figure girl is meal prepping by cutting carrots and preparing salmon.

Step #2 Preparing for Change

I am meal prepping my meals for the upcoming week with healthy foods like salmon and carrots. Obviously I was preparing more than just carrots and salmon, but…

In the given stick figure , I am exercising and thinking about positive aspects of life and feeling happy.


Exercise is a good way of staying happy as it helps in improving health of an individual ,gives more energy to body and results in more satisfaction and…

stick figure person getting ready to sleep with his comfy blanket, alarm clock, nice pillow, and view of outside.

Step #2 – Preparing for Change

I am getting everything together so that I can have a good, restful night’s sleep.

It is me, sitting in an open field where I am able to focus on my inner thoughts while meditating. All the social-media platforms in my cellphone are turned off because through this I will be able to attain a focused mindset.

Step #2 – Get Cape – Preparing for Change

The idea behind this stick figure is that through the adaptation of meditation or spiritual activities (which I have never tried on daily basis) in my life while…

A girl sitting on a purple pillow. Laptop on the left of her with “insight timer” on the screen. A window with a sun and light coming through.

Step #2 – Get Cape – Preparing for Change

I am sitting on a large purple pillow with my legs crossed which is a comfortable position to meditate in. I have my laptop with insight timer open…

A stick figure sitting cross-legged with a heart drawn at the center of their chest. On the right side, the figure is focusing on “box breathing” for anxiety, while visuals of exercise and good music float around. On the left side there is a padlock drawn and under is a dark scribble labelled stress.

4, 3, 2, 1 Regulate

In this comic, I sit myself in meditation visualizing the places in my body where I feel my stress (heart). I am listening to music and also thinking…

person is laying down in an empty room with a window and a door that say do not disturb on it

Step #2 Preparing for change

I am preparing a quiet place to meditate without any distractions or noise so I’ll be able to concentrate and meditate efficiently

A stick figure is sitting still in a bright morning, possibly bearthing.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

This is me want to see myself every morning. A young woman waking herself up, trying to calm herself and sense if she has any anxiety. If not,…

A stick figure holds a pen standing in front of a table. On top of the table there is a gym membership and a calendar.

Step #2 – Get cape: Preparing for change

I am signing up for a gym membership for a place to exercise, as well as creating a schedule in order to establish a routine and to be…

A stick figure sitting on the chair. On the desk, there are a diary, three color pens, eraser, and a yellow table clock. It seems to be writing something on the diary with happy face at the end of the day


I’m sitting on my chair at midnight to write a diary before I go to bed. I’m retrospecting my day, coming up with fun, positive and negative, bad…

Image portrays a person doing research with different thoughts going through their head.

Step 2: Preparing for change

This comic portrays my experience of collecting research and creating a routine to stick with while also recording notes for making meals.

Description below

Step#2- get cape preparing for change

In this comix, i am making change of my eating habits via three methods;- a) by making a diet chart which includes 4 meals a day. It includes…

In this comix, The stick man is planning to start managing his time while doing his daily chores. there is a clock stating that the time never stops for anyone and we have to manage our work according to it.

managing my time

The stick figure is having a thought process of managing his time. He needs to schedule his whole day and to focus on one thing at a time…

The above stick figure is describing the benefits of exercise

Step #2 – GET CAPE – Preparing for a change

The comic is sharing the numerous benefits of doing exercise like, boost energy, better sleep and healthier life.

A stick figure is going through the fridge to see what is in it or not.

Step #2 – Get Cape: Preparing for Change

I am going through the fridge to see if I can eat all 3 healthy meals per day.