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Show a scene in stick figures of the issue in your life that you would like to change. (Be safe: Please choose something that can be read by all — not too vulnerable, private, or confidential).

There are two person, one dancing in a joy and one is irritated

Step #1 – Get cape – backstory

It shows how we feel when we sleep properly and when we don’t.


Step #1 – Back story – Zzzzzz

There are 2 scenes wherein in the first one , I am Bing watching Netflix till late night and in the other scene that’s me getting up early…

A person lying on the bed. A stich figure person having trouble during the sleep.

Step#1: Back Story

When I was younger, I felt like my soul left my body. I was there but it felt like floating. OBE’s occured because I was under stress.

this figure is on crutches looking at gym equipment. This guy always had interest in the intentions of seriously committing to exercise. During his procrastination period which lasted years, he broke his leg. Now as he wishes to engage in exercise he truly cannot, and regrets all the times he procrastinated to do so.

STEP #1: Back story

The stick figure on crutches is looking at the gym equipment regretting all the times he had fulll ability to use them and chose not to. Now, as…

Someone with a mind of clustered and negative thoughts. As well as many things around them like a basketball, a house, and other things.

Step #1 – Back Story

I am very distracted and having negative thoughts because of everything going on around me. I miss out on hobbies as well as important responsibilities such as school…

Two panels, one show\\\'s a person on their computer while the other show\\\'s a gym.

Step #1 – Get Cape – Back Story

This comic portrays a scene of me spending more time on the computer instead of my gym.

Stick figure girl feeling happy after eating junk food, she feels sad after experiencing problems due to her addiction to junk food


Generally, this comic describes my daily life exactly. I love junk food and eating outside. However, I am easily upset when I have problems, such as having pimples…

A girl is lying in bed. She is awake and has a thought bubble above her head with a cloud and rain inside it.


When I was diagnosed with Major Depression about a year ago fixing my sleep schedule was one of the many steps I took to stabilize my mood. However,…

it\'s during the night time, a stick figure have their head on the pillow, unable to sleep, and now scream silently while everyone else is sleeping.

Step #1 – Back story – scream

Insomnia is something that I struggle with and had been attached to me for years. It’s helpful yet frustrating sometimes when I seriously need some rest after a…

This comic consists of 2 boxes. The first box shows a stickman sitting at his computer doing his homework. The second box shows the same stickman at his computer but this time he is not doing his homework. Instead his computer screen shows a video of a cat wearing a hat, which is making him laugh and distracting him from staying focused.

Step #1 – Back Story

My comic shows a stickman doing his homework, and then being completely distracted by a video of a cat.

A stick figure that seems exhausted by all negative thoughts and four speech bubbles that are filled with the stick figure\\\\\\\'s worries, burdens and anxieties. There are also four types of sacks in the corner.

Get Cape Step 1: Backstory

In my life, if things are not going well or if I make a mistake, I tend to start worrying about so many things and can’t stop it….

The page is split into two. On the left there is a girl on the bed with a frown on her face. Girl has a thought bubble that says \\

Step #1 – Get Cape, The Backstory

There are days that no matter how much sleep I get I just wake up feeling pretty unhappy. There isn’t a specific reason why I feel like this…

2 groups of people being happy on social media, and sad off social media.

Step #1 – Back story

In this comic, I want to remind people how fake social media is and how to remember it’s a good idea to limit yourself on these platforms. My…

Girl sitting on couch, phone in hand, table in front of the girl with homework and books, application ‘Netflix’ displayed on TV screen above the fireplace and 3 clocks displaying the whole day going by.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

The issue in my life I would like to change is my level of productivity. I feel as though there are a lot of distractions around me such…

The stick person is feeling overwhelmed. All the thought bubbles floating around the stick person\'s head are represented by the things stressing the stick figure out.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

When I am feeling stressed I often feel like all my responsibilities pile on top of one another and I start to feel swamped. Each task starts to…

A girl who is clearly sleep deprived laying on her bed at 3:00am in a dark room. She cannot sleep and it is affecting her mental state which is shown through her facial expression

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

A girl laying on her bed in a dark room with her alarm clock on her nightstand beside her while it reads 3:00am. Also, there is a window…

The comic illustrates the merits of exercising and picking up a healthy lifestyle

Step #1 – Back story

My comic shows the negative effects of not exercising resulting in a lot of problems which have to be dealt with it, also a negative image forcing one…

a person in 3 poses, one sitting, one standing and one lying down, all thinking the word empty

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

I often feel empty on certain days, so I am going to be doing positive affirmations in order to reduce the emptiness.

In the morning, I stand in my bedroom thinking about going back to sleep because I have stayed up until late at night.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In the middle of the term, the stress and the nervousness are gradually rising in my mind. Thus, these negative feelings lead me to have anxiety, which causes…

You can see me just lost in my thoughts behind a green light and the driver behind me got mad

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story: Overthinking

I am stucked behind a green light just overthinking about anything related to my relationships, school, work and etc