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Me, trying to recall positive events. In a text bubble I am realizing nothing positive occurred.

STEP #6- Wear cape- Flop? Your hardest day

In my comic, I am trying to continue my practice by recalling positive events that occurred in my day. It effected my happiness to realize that I couldn’t…

The comic has a person sleeping in bed on the left side and three friends on the right. There are also arrows that symbolize a cycle.

Step 8- Fly: next chapter

Now that I have completed this project I have a more stable daily routine which I developed in the process of going to sleep earlier. This routine is…

There is a stick figure which is scared of sleeping alone .

Get cape step #6

So , in the picture the stick figure is me .And as I had moved to a new place I was having a lot of issue sleeping as…

There is a stick figure flying.

Get cape step #8

So , After I completed my get cape project my sleeping schedule was fixed I had more energy to do more work as compare to the past that…

There is a girl sleeping peacefully.

Get cape step #7

In the picture, it is the scene of one of the best day when I sleep very peacefully because I finished all my work prior to the deadlines…

The comic is of a girl sitting at a desk. The desk has a computer on which google sheets is open. The desk also has a cactus on it and the girl has a thought bubble with a smiley face, equal sign and “Z”s as a symbol of sleep.

Step #5 – Get cape – Show us your data!

In this comic I am analyzing my results on google sheets and I am seeing that there is a correlation between my happiness levels and how much I…

On the left there are three friends chatting, laughing and drinking bubble tea. To the right of the friends there is an addition symbol then someone sleeping in a bed. Beside that there is an equal sign and a yellow smiley face.


The comic I drew represents which events took place on the days that I got the highest happiness ratings. I found that in addition to sleeping 7 (or…

In this comic I am putting my clothes away and it is not too late at night

Step #2 Preparing for change

I am preparing to go to bed at a reasonable time by cleaning my room early so that I have no worries before going to bed

I am on my bed collecting my things and getting prepared to go to bed at a reasonable time time

Preparing for change

In my comic I am preparing my things so that i can go to bed at a reasonable time

I am on my bed late at night with a to do list empty and clothes on the floot

back story

I am in my bed late at night upset because of my sleep schedule I have things to do but no energy to do them

This is how I dealt with stress and relaxation before the class before the get cape project. The first one is me walking a dog, second one is me working out and last is me with my family

Step #2- Preparing for change

This is how I relax and deal with stress

Stick version of me having the worst sleep ever. It was 2:00 AM and I was still wide awake

Step #6- Your hardest day

This was the first day of my project to get eight hours of sleep. I decided to go to sleep early at 12:00 AM, but little do I…

In this stick figures, a person is talking to her mom. He is saying \

Step #2

In the comic, a person decided to give his phone to mother by 9.00 P.M to have at least 8 hours sleep for his project because it was…

In the stick figure, a person is looking at the broad which is placed on the wall that he has been doing for project, and there is a graph which reveals that results are rising. An individual is quite happy, after looking upon results.

Step #5

In the comic, a person is happy because he is doing things which he decided to do after going through some obstacles. He is sleeping 8 hours and…

Lying down on the grass with a book on a sunny day outside in the park

Step 7 – Best day yet

In this comic i am peacefully lying down on the grass in the park reading my comic. This day was the best as am fully engaged and comfortable…

Lying down on the grass with a book on a sunny day outside in the park

Step 6 – Hardest day since I started

In this comic am I am outside in the park lying down on the grass. Here I have become more engaged and comfortable practicing my wellness outside in…

Sitting in the park on a cloudy day, reading a book peacefully.

Step 5 – Getting in the swing of things

In this comic I decided to sit on a park bench and read my book which has gotten a lot easier over time. Especially to focus and be…

Panel showing stick figure laying in bed remembering the negative thoughts

Step #1 – Get cape – backstory

Every night before going to bed my mind is swamped with all the negative thought and comments I’ve ever received which not only mess up my sleep schedule…

In this comic, there is one sad person with Some food which leads to one happier person.

Step 5# get cape

This comic shows a stick figure as me who is sad and depressed in initial and i add some healthy food which made my mood happy. Eating healthy…

This is me shown as a person who will adapt meditation into her life for the upcoming future because of the positive effects it has into her life.


The stick figure show the positive effects of the wellness practice into my life. Initially I was always worried about the self consciousness and distraction in my life,…