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Stick person with umbrella covering themselves from rain, playing with children with junk food.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story: False entertainment

In this scene, I am dealing with a lot. In this situation, I have to play with a big group of children which is a sport to make…

The stick person is sitting on the yoga mat in different positions. The tv turned on playing relaxing/calm music with the incense lighten up. Also having the blinds open having the positive energy coming through as well.

Get Cape #2 Preparing for a Change

In this comic I am getting ready for my cape assignment/project with having my yoga mat and incense starting with the aura in the air. The tv is…

The stick person is standing on top of the yoga mat awake. The incense aura is surrounding the room when it’s lightened up. The Tv is on with calm/ relaxed music of the beach turned on in the background. The window is closed with the blinds. The stick person is looking at the white board above the tv to see what’s his to do list is for today.

Step #3 – Day 1 – Start of the new journey

In this comic I am starting my day by getting out my yoga mat with the incense starting to surround the room with its nice smell. The window…

The stick person is outside. Stretching different parts of there body. They\'re on the yoga mate playing quite nice sounds music to prepare for there meditation. The Sun is out with a little bit of clouds which making it perfect day to do it outside.

Get Cape #4 Starting of the journey begins

In this comic the stick person is stretching in different parts of there body outside in the mid morning day before they start mediation. The music is playing…

In this comic, I am continuing to meditate every other day of the week. Even after 14 days, I am carrying along my good routine for my everyday life.

Get Cape #5 Show me the Data

Stick figure is in the room playing soft sounded music, while mediating in peace and in a calm space.

I\'m in my bed and I woke up late for my morning shift. I didn\'t get enough sleep either. I\'ve wanted 30 minutes but had to make due with 15 minutes of my meditation.

Get Cape #6 Flop ?

stick figure with a grumpy sad face is laying down on the bed. A cloud (thoughts) says couple of his emotions of how he feeling if to meditate.

My best day was when I had a morning basketball workout at 10 am. I woke up seen the nice sun out and started to meditate outside. It really go me in the happy and ready to go energy.

Get Cape #7 Highest of Height

The figure sits crossed legged outside on the yoga mat mediating with a happy expression on his face.

After since the completion of my practice over the this past month, I feel as a new person. This project has helped me in numerous of ways. By following my routine, discipline and being focused! I will use these tools for my method in the future.

Get Cape #8 Caper where will you fly next!

Figure in the corner smiling very happy and beside him is a bubble thought saying ” A new start”. Beside them are images such as mediation, peace and…