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Inha cooking at joey shipyards oven station, studying at home and sitting in class at Capilano university very tired

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

With the 4 classes I am taking this term with the addition of work and studying, everything has consumed alot of time and i rarely get any sleep…

Me setting sleep alarm on phone for 11:30 pm and throwing away energy drink

step 2: preparing for change

In order to prepare for change, I must start measuring my sleep periods, specifically set for 11:30 pm on weekdays, consume less energy drinks, and minimize phone usage

Before and day 1 contrast. Before: me sleeping past 1:00pm. Day 1, trying the alarm for early morning at 10:30am, waking up very groggy

Step 3: Wear cape Day 1

Before, I would sleep in past 1pm and even until the afternoon because I would sleep very late. For the first day, I tried falling asleep earlier to…

Me sleeping at 11:00pm and waking up at 8:30am without being glued to the bed as usual

Get Cape #4: Day 7!

For the rest of this week, I have tried to make sure I am fixing my sleep schedule with the methods I’ve come up with. At first, it…

I am sitting at my desk with my laptop top out, Inputting data for my 14 days of get cape and my wellness practice

Get cape Step #5

In terms of my wellness practice being energy, I am happy with my results. Of course I could do a better job as I continue with my wellness…

We waking up at 7:30am. Calendar says Tuesday Bio 8am

Get Cape Step #6

The lowest point of my get cape wellness practice was definitely the days where I had a sudden change in my schedule. I have averaged my sleep on…

I wake up at 8:45 for 5 days straight with decent-great energy. Calendar checks off the last 5 days.

Get Cape step #7

For the last 5 days of my get cape research, I woke up at exactly 8:45 everyday with NO ALARM! I have gotten used to the intended sleep…

Me wearing my cape and flying in the air

Get cape Step #8

This project has improved my overall state of life and benefitted me. Whether if the change was subtle or huge, this was an opportunity to see if i…