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Stick figure inside an empty room, facing forward with both arms up in the air. Inside the torso contains a pop can shooting green goo everywhere with a fire alarm ringing above, alluding to a heart.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

This has been the best way to describe to others what it feels like when I’m dysregulated and very anxious. It feels like alarms are going off throughout…

Stick figure sits cross-legged on a colourful rug in their living room. They are surrounded by living room furniture: couch, ottoman, lamp, TV and loopy sticker wall art.

Step #2 – Get Cape

To feel calm or do something productive, I must have everything tidy in my living space. Papers and game consoles are put away, laundry and dishes are done….

Stick figure head has 5 blue thought bubbles. From left to right, the bubbles contain: skeleton, book, to-do list, sleep, game console

Step #3 – Day 1

The first day of my meditation didn’t go so well… I found it difficult not to think of other things. I tried to acknowledge the thought and try…

birds eye view of queen bed, two pillows and blue duvet. Stick figure is sprawled across bed like a starfish with an unhappy expression on face

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

Day 7 was probably one of my worst days. I had completely removed the thought of completing my meditation that day since I felt so overwhelmed, and having…

Grid of 4 panels. 1st panel has a yellow sun with a smiley face and a stick figure with a smile and hands in the air. Next panel over is the stick figure sitting cross-legged, eyes closed and a clock in the corner. The bottom left panel has a grey cloud with an unhappy face above a sad stick figure with blue rain drops falling. The last panel is a stick figure asleep sideways on a bed with \

Step #5 – Show me the Data!

Looking over the results from my project, I saw that on the days my happiness was a 4 or 5 out of 5, I completed my meditation for…

Stick figure style head sticking above a macbook laptop with a worried expression on face and exhaustion lines under eyes. Lines shoot out from above the head.

Step #6 – Flop?

The worst day of my project was the night before my physiology midterm. There was so much information to cover that I felt it was physically impossible to…

Stick figure sits cross-legged on a hot pink yoga mat. Figure has a happy facial expression with eyes closed.

Step #7 – Fly!

My best day was when I did a long bike ride on my stationary bike and then came into my living room to cool down and do some…

Circular head with nose and straight expression in the middle of image with a small question mark directly above head. 4 orange circles are above the head with images inside them (left to right): meditation, sleeping, shower, food.

Step #8 – Where Will You Fly Next?

Before starting this project, I enjoyed meditation but rarely engaged in it. After getting into more of a habit with it, I have added it to my self-care…