This has been the best way to describe to others what it feels like when I’m dysregulated and very anxious. It feels like alarms are going off throughout my system, like a can has been shaken up aggressively, and every time I try to relax, thick goo and pain spurts out of the can.

This is a constant feeling for me, and I often can’t find a “reason” why I’m so anxious. Letting myself breathe and moving my body releases the “goo” slower. I want to get into a habit of relaxing myself through breathing and stretching movements to keep self-regulation consistent.

Who is sharing this comic? Author?: CAP5.CLARU
Image Alt Text - Say what can be seen: Stick figure inside an empty room, facing forward with both arms up in the air. Inside the torso contains a pop can shooting green goo everywhere with a fire alarm ringing above, alluding to a heart.

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