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The page is split into two. On the left there is a girl on the bed with a frown on her face. Girl has a thought bubble that says \\

Step #1 – Get Cape, The Backstory

There are days that no matter how much sleep I get I just wake up feeling pretty unhappy. There isn’t a specific reason why I feel like this…

A girl sitting on a purple pillow. Laptop on the left of her with “insight timer” on the screen. A window with a sun and light coming through.

Step #2 – Get Cape – Preparing for Change

I am sitting on a large purple pillow with my legs crossed which is a comfortable position to meditate in. I have my laptop with insight timer open…

A girl sitting on a purple pillow. There is a thought bubble that says \

Step #3 – Wear Cape, Day 1

I’m doing my first day of meditating. I woke up a little earlier than usual to set up and ease into my meditation practice for the day. I…

on the left a girl is sitting on a purple pillow with a smile on her face. Next to her is a laptop that reads 20:00. A circular diffusor that is emitting smoke placed next to her.

Step 4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

It’s officially been 7 days since I started meditating and I can finally stay awake for the entire practice. I genuinely feel quite a difference in my day…

First scene shows title " Pre-midterms" and stick figure with stressed face and a coffee. Grey cloud with lightning bolts above the stick figure. Second scene has title "Post Midterms" and stick figure with happy face and colourful fireworks above.

Step 5: Show me the data!

Based on my data it can be seen via the graphs that before midterms I was a lot unhappier because of the stress I was experiencing and the…

A bed with a stick figure with a sad face laying down. A cloud (thought) bubble that reads I\'m late for work. I don\'t have time to meditate!

Step 6: Wear Cape – FLOP?

I am laying in bed and I woke up late. I was running late for work and wanted to skip meditating because I wanted to save time but…

Stick figure in bed with a smile. Cloud (thought) bubble above that reads yay! i\'m awake early! An alarm clock that reads 6:00 and a sheet that has TO - DO written on it and the word meditate with a check mark next to it.

Step 7: FLY! Highest Height… So Far

I am in bed thinking how I woke up early and on schedule so I have enough time to do my morning routine and rituals which includes meditating….

A person with yellow lines around their head sitting on a purple pillow. A though bubble that says I feel more present & disciplined.

Step 8: FLY. Next

I am sitting on my purple pillow after finishing my last day of get cape. I feel accomplished and disciplined. I also feel more present ever since I…