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Show us a stick figure scene of your progress with “make one change” 7 COMPLETED days into your research project.

A stick-figure lays on a yoga mat after a good workout. On the right side there is a set of dumbbells and a jump-rope. On the left side is a weight plate. The stick-figure lays with a dream cloud over head (flowers and butterflies) free of stress and anxiety.

Step #4 – DAY7 (halfway): Do not Disturb

A stick-figure lays on a yoga mat after a good workout. On the right side there is a set of dumbbells and a jump-rope. On the left side…

Stick girl holds a cup of coffee and stares out a sunny window. A yoga mat and pair of dumbbells and behind her. Music plays from an iPhone.

Step #4 – Day 7 (halfway)

This comic shows me enjoying and looking forward to working out as a new part of my routine. I am overall feeling happier to start my day!

Stick figure person meditating while surrounded by nature, which displays her relaxed state of mind. There are flowers, grass, and clouds.

Step #4 ā€“ Wear Cape: Day 7

This is an example of how I feel while I am meditating, especially on the seventh day. I have noticed a change in my mindset and the way…

In this figure person put the mobile on the table and spend time on study so that her marks in the study can be raised.


After keep my mobile aside for around last 6 days on the day 7 I have less interest in mobile and I was spending more of my time…

birds eye view of queen bed, two pillows and blue duvet. Stick figure is sprawled across bed like a starfish with an unhappy expression on face

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

Day 7 was probably one of my worst days. I had completely removed the thought of completing my meditation that day since I felt so overwhelmed, and having…

Stick figure above shows doing me various exercises that I do.


The comic above describes the day 7 of me doing exercise to make myself healthy and fit. Exercise controls my weight and improves my mood. It also boosts…

A girl rushing downs stairs trying to catch up with a clock bouncing down farther.

Get Cape #4b – Wear Cape: Day 7 (halfway)

This comic shows how my get cape has been going, because meditation requires time I find myself forgetting to allow for this time. I feel like I am…

Given Stick figure is me doing exercise, and the nature around me is giving me positive vibes and peace and most importantly happiness.

Step#4 – Wear Cape : Day 7

Exercise has made my life more healthy and happy. Endorphins secreted during exercise give my body pleasure ( makes me feel happy ) and provide relaxation to my…

Man with glasses panicking over social media apps, such as instagram, facebook, and discord, worrying about his social media life instead of prioritizing better things in his life.

Step #4: Wear Cape: Day 7: Oh no.

Goodness, this was harder than I thought.. I have discovered the fact that I am very self-dependent with my device, that actually focusing on my priorities are becoming…

I have recorded data for the past 7 days regarding my productivity throughout the day and I noticed it increased significantly as I started my daily morning reading. I took the measurement 3 times a day and this chart just show an average for each day

Step#4 wear cape day 7

I have recorded data for the past 7 days regarding my productivity throughout the day and I noticed it increased significantly as I started my daily morning reading

Table with lamp on the left. Stick figure sitting on chair writing in a journal. Small thought bubble coming out of back of stick figures head. Arrow pointing forward to bigger thought bubbles, each containing a bigger picture of a tree and sun. Three thought bubbles in total.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

On day seven of practicing positive thinking, I find that my thoughts are going deeper into positive reflections. At first I would only think of a positive event…

A stick figure is laying on the bed & crying.

Step #4 – DAY 7 (halfway) – get cape day 7

In this comic, on night 7, despite that half of my midterm was done, Iā€™m still stressed. To the point that I had a panic attack, and this…

This comix reveal a relaxed stickman figure, who is calm and focused, standing beside the table and chair, stretching body. He is following the time management practice and not using phone while doing work to gain maximum efficiency as the productivity increases when we do one task at a time with full focus. This practice of time management helps in finishing the tasks on time or even before the deadline.

Step #4 – DAY 7 (halfway) – getting better at meeting deadlines

Stickman figure has completed his task and stretching his body while standing beside the chair. He looks calm and relaxed.

stick person is representing the routine from getting up early in the morning and then went to the gym did workout for an hour. After getting fresh, went to the work as stick had job day today. then after work went to bed early to get up early again.

Step #4 – Halfway (Day 7)

DAY#7- The comic shows my morning to night routine. I started gym from day 1 to be happy and fit. – the stick person is showing the routine…

stick figure as me getting the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep every night

Step #4; Wear Cape Day 7

In this comix, I’m going to sleep at a reasonable time so I can get 7-9 hours of sleep. By getting enough sleep every night, I can ensure…

Stick figure as me having all 4 healthy meals a day

Step #4 ; GET CAPE DAY 7

In this comix, I am thinking about all the meals of the day I had. By regularly eating good meals, I feel excited and very happy. I am…

Upper half of a deeply-in-thought stick figure next to a thought bubble with a check mark and \

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

I have been doing well with keeping up on my meals and snacks, the quality and meal prep not so much. It has me thinking about what I…

Our character starting a conversation with another, sitting down on a bus or train bench new environment for this character to be bold enough in. Reinforcers used as the handles for those who stand. The character is comfortable and happy!


n the comic, our character is opening up to the idea of meeting new people, and going out of their comfort zone in order to do so. We…

A person sitting and meditating with two spirit figures around them.


After meditating for seven days straight, I have noticed that I often feel uncentered in my body. Right after meditating, I feel much more grounded and physically in…

Stick figure depicting the way that it has tried positive thinking and ways into life and exercise it everyday for past 7 days and how it helped.

Step #4: DAY 7

The stick figure i.e., Me for the past 7 days tried reading books, researching and studying about how positive thinking relates to happiness and optimism in life. I…