42 Month: September 2021 (page 2 of 3)

A stick figure in a bed looking on a computer. A thinking bobble that indicates thoughts about sleeping. A window with a moon, some clouds and stars.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

I tend to look on my computer or phone before I am going to sleep. Sometimes I watch a series or something else. I do not think that…

In the scenes above you can see me either being on my laptop, phone or watching TV. I am constantly on a device and never take the time to turn them off and find other activities to enjoy.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

Stick figure seen using laptop, watching TV and using cellphone.

In the first three panels, a stick figure is waking up at noon, night and dawn. The final three show the same stick man falling asleep at midnight, morning and noon.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

This comic displays an exaggerated version of my erratic sleep schedule. It’s me waking up and falling asleep late, early, and on time. Leaving me tired all the…

Stick figure inside an empty room, facing forward with both arms up in the air. Inside the torso contains a pop can shooting green goo everywhere with a fire alarm ringing above, alluding to a heart.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

This has been the best way to describe to others what it feels like when I’m dysregulated and very anxious. It feels like alarms are going off throughout…

Stick figure is busy being distracted by the computer even though he should be working. Unfortunately, he is playing video games.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

I am a very distracted person. Sometimes, in occasions where I should be studying, I am busy playing video games, or watching shows on my computer.

There is a boy in his house being grateful that he is not getting rained on.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In this comic, you can see a boy standing in house saying the words, “I’m grateful.” It is currently raining outside and he is glad that he has…

Since university started, I have a lot to study so I can hardly make time for music and practicing piano

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In the drawing I am sitting behind my desk and studying for my courses, but I am missing playing piano. It is hard for me to make time…

On the left side, a girl is eating an apple as her snack of choice. And on the right side, a girl chose ice cream as her snack.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

On the left side is when I used to eat quite healthy, however as life continued on I became more busy and stressed out. This affected my eating…

A stick figure staying up late by watching movies on her laptop, reading her books and being on her phone.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In the scene above, you see me staying up late almost every night reading books, watching movies or being on my phone. Every morning I promise myself that…

Athletic stick person holds barbell above their head while another stick person eats a cookie in front of a TV

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

Pre-covid me went to CrossFit almost daily. Since the pandemic, my gym closed and I started a serious relationship with cookies. I’m ready to pull up my gym…

a stick figure, desk, chair, computer, books, papers, and the stick figures thoughts and feelings

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In this comic scene, I am the stick figure sitting at my deck with my homework, books and papers that I need for all my University classes. I…

A girl stressed with all of the things she must complete in a day. She thinks about cramming in school, work, working out and a social life.It constantly makes her overthink and it mentally drains her. The girl has a constant pit of overwhelmingness in her stomach.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

Often with stress and overthinking, one will get extremely tired. Every day I think about all of what I have to do and it starts to feel like…

A person sitting in front of their PC playing video games while daydreaming.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In the scene above you see the stick figure (me) sitting around playing video games on their computer daydreaming of lifting weights. The person pictured above used to…

A person thinking about other things while trying to do homework.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

This comic is a depiction of how whenever I try and do homework or any activity that requires focus, my mind is thinking about a million other things.

A person staring at two blocks labelled \

Step #1 – The game motivates me to work harder though??? So win win I guess????

I am looking at my responsibilities, remembering to put those first though they may not be something that I want to do.

In this comic, I am exercising

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In this comic, you can see that I am exercising. A few months ago I was exercising almost everyday. When things started to get busy with school and…

Here you can see me passing through time in a constant neutral state

Step #1Gratitude

In the comic, you can see me as a stick figure passing through time. The best description/sentiment I can give this image is this a visual example of…

One stick figure surrounded by junk food; fries on the right side, soda on the left side, on the top a bag of chips and below a slice of pizza.

Step #1 – Back story: Just one more… then I’ll start my diet!

This scene represents my daily life surrounded by junk food. Unsuccessful I have tried numerous attempts to stop eating unhealthy food. Every time that I feel sad, anxious,…

Our hero is sleepy, but stumbles towards the fridge in search of something to eat, as he is feeling hungry.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

The protagonist in this story has been having trouble sleeping. Sometimes he notices that he sleeps better, and worse depending on what he ate that day.

Inha cooking at joey shipyards oven station, studying at home and sitting in class at Capilano university very tired

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

With the 4 classes I am taking this term with the addition of work and studying, everything has consumed alot of time and i rarely get any sleep…