4 Comics Tagged "KPU.NATHN"

Two panels, one show\\\'s a person on their computer while the other show\\\'s a gym.

Step #1 – Get Cape – Back Story

This comic portrays a scene of me spending more time on the computer instead of my gym.

Image portrays a person doing research with different thoughts going through their head.

Step 2: Preparing for change

This comic portrays my experience of collecting research and creating a routine to stick with while also recording notes for making meals.

Person running through a path with trees and sunshine in the background.

Get Cape Step 3: Wear Cape

As a first step into the world of fitness I attempted a run through a nearby trail where I live near, with how sunny last weekend was I…

Two panels, in the first show\'s a person jump roping and the next show\'s them looking at their perceived reflection.

Get Cape Step 4: Results

After spending a little over a week trying my best to remain consistent with my exercise schedule I have been feeling both healthier and happier and noticing slight…