8 Comics Tagged "KPU.ASHLB"

A girl stressed with all of the things she must complete in a day. She thinks about cramming in school, work, working out and a social life.It constantly makes her overthink and it mentally drains her. The girl has a constant pit of overwhelmingness in her stomach.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

Often with stress and overthinking, one will get extremely tired. Every day I think about all of what I have to do and it starts to feel like…

A stick figure girl listening to calming music on her phone with fresh air under clouds. Her phone set off an alarm to make sure she does de-stresses. Music notes are coming from the phone.

Step #2 – Get Cape: Preparing For Change

A young girl is preparing to de-stress by setting alarms to notify and pressure progress. She has her music and breathing practices prepared outside.

Stick figure girl sitting on her couch listening to calming music to relax her mind and body. She breathes deeply and focuses on her breath for 15 minutes when her phone tells her to.

Step #3 – Wear Cape: Day 1

To began wearing my cape, I took 15 minutes out of my day to calm and de-stress my mind. I sat on my couch and began to listen…

Stick figure girl lifts her arms up feeling relaxed and feeling a state of mindfulness. She has the sun beaming over her and a symbol of a meter of happiness to represent her growth. There are lines around the stick figure to show happiness.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

Listening to calming music and practicing my breathing has lead me to mindfulness and increased my happiness. I focus more on the present and am trying harder to…

A sad face with clouds above him and rain drops falling down has green lines coming out of it to demonstrate it’s stress. Orange arrows lead a line towards a new stick figure. Over the arrows is a relaxed face with music notes and sleep symbols to represent relaxation. Beside is a pink smiling stick figure with a yellow sunshine above it.


In my comic, I start off feeling upset because I am overwhelmed with the stress of school, work and life events. As I began to de-stress everyday through…

Stick figure girl holding a very large coffee with green money signs above her head. Stick figure is surrounded by loads of papers to do and stress lines around her.

Step #6 – Wear Cape – Flop? Your Hardest Day

On my lowest day, I woke up feeling very overwhelmed because I had left two papers to finish very last minute and I had worked the same day….

Stick figure girl with a purple triangle birthday hat on is smiling. Papers and money signs are crossed out with a red line.

Step #7 – Fly! Highest Height… So Far

On my best day during my get cape study, it was the day of my birthday and I had finished all my assignments and did not have work….

Stick figure girl tracking her life on a calendar. A speech bubble comes out of her head and inside it is the word calm and a bunch of sleep symbols.

Step #8 – FLY. Next

After de-stressing every day for 14 days, I realized that it can help bring a lot of calmness and relaxation into my life. It allows me to think…