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My stick figure self laying in bed. My alarm clock going off at 8 in the morning . My alarm clock is on the dresser right next to my bed. I am being lazy and letting the alarm continue to sound. Meanwhile I am complaining about having to wake up.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

My stick figure self laying in bed and waking up to the sound of my alarm clock going off at 8am. I am complaining and refusing to get…

My stick figure self carrying bags of groceries in both hands. The grocery store I just walked out of is right next to me. There is a bus stop on the other side of me that I am heading towards. There is a road in front of me displaying a "Bus Lane Only" sign. I am walking on the side of the road, towards the bus stop, meanwhile carrying the groceries I just bought at the store.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

I have just left the grocery store as I have just finished buying groceries. I have my grocery bags in both hands and I am on the side…

My stick figure self holding a spatula. I am standing in front of a stove and cooking myself eggs for breakfast. Next to the stove is a sink. The cherries are in a bowl in the sink. I have left the tap (water) on. The cherries are being washed while I cook. Behind me there is a table and a chair. I will be sitting down at this table to eat my breakfast once it is ready.

Step 3: Day 1 – Cooking A Healthy Meal

I am cooking myself a healthy breakfast to ensure that my body ingests the nutrients it needs in order to start my day off with energy and in…