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A stick figure in a bed looking on a computer. A thinking bobble that indicates thoughts about sleeping. A window with a moon, some clouds and stars.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

I tend to look on my computer or phone before I am going to sleep. Sometimes I watch a series or something else. I do not think that…

Stick figure looking at computer and the same stickfigure talking to others in the phone and another stickfigure


In the comic, the stick figure/me is researching mindfulness methods online and by talking to people who have experience with meditation.

Person sitting on floor with computer


I started doing mindfulness once a day by listening to guided meditation/mindfulness on youtube, and I either sit or lay on the floor

Stick figure sleeping and another stick figure standing up. In the background there is a sunrise in the window and a clock showing that it is 7 am.


After meditating for a week, mostly before going to sleep, I started waking up earlier being more energized in the morning. I fall easier to sleep, but during…

Stick figure looking at graphs on a computer and a thinking bubble saying \

Step #5 – Show me the data

After my 14 days with mindfulness, I didn’t feel like it changed a lot, but in some ways, it had its pros. I found out doing my research…

To the left we see a stickfigure awake in bed, a window with a moon and a clock showing it is 2 am.

Step #6 Hardest day

I had one very hard day where I really could not fall asleep. I was awake most of the night, and the next day I was just so…

left upper corner: stick figure bouldering, right upper corner: stick figure doing mindfulness, lower right corner: two stick figures talking in phone, left lower corner: stick figure sleeping tight, middle: happy smiley

Step #7 Highest height

This day I slept so well for the first time in a while, I went climbing in the morning, did mindfulness, felt really energized, talked with my boyfriend…

Whitebord with the text \

Step #8 Fly next

I think the whole project has been really fun and I learned a lot from it. I think that my next step would be to do a similar…