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stick figure person getting ready to sleep with his comfy blanket, alarm clock, nice pillow, and view of outside.

Step #2 – Preparing for Change

I am getting everything together so that I can have a good, restful night’s sleep.

stick figure getting a good seven hours of sleep and resting well

Step #3 – Day 1 Comic

I am in deep sleep, getting a good rest for the busy day ahead and beyond!

stick figure person walking up feeling well rested

Step #4 – Getting Good Rest

I have woken up after a good nights sleep feeling very refreshed and ready to tackle the big day ahead!

stick figure person staying up too late because of all of his homework


I am staying up very late trying to get all of my homework done, but it is coming at the cost of a good nights sleep.

stick figure man going for a run because he feels well rested


I am going for a nice morning run before class because I feel extremely well rested after getting a full eight hours of sleep!

stick figure person discovering how much a good nights rest means to him

Step#8 – Where To Next?

I am finally realizing how important sleep is to me. Through this experiment I finally realized eight hours of sleep is essential for me to be the best…