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a person in 3 poses, one sitting, one standing and one lying down, all thinking the word empty

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

I often feel empty on certain days, so I am going to be doing positive affirmations in order to reduce the emptiness.

3 images of a person, one holding a journal above the head, the other standing next to a mirror, and one turning off a phone

Step #2 – Get cape – Preparing for change

I am preparing to do my cognitive retraining by getting a journal to write good things in, logging out of negative social medias, and preparing positive self talk…

a person screaming in front of a mirror, person hunched over shouting I am a literal god, face smiling.

Step #3 – Wear cape – Day 1

my first day went rather well, although I had some dysphoria and intrusive thought based negative moments, I was able to push through it using sheer ego and…

a ghastly figure inside of a mirror, seemingly in fear of itself.

Step #4 – Wear cape – day 7

the work I was doing involves standing in front of a mirror in order to use positive talk to improve mood, however, I am also afflicted with body…