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the stick figure is blanked minded while thinking about all the errands they have to complete throughout the day. in the room there is a mess and clutter everywhere with homework on the desk. the stick figure cannot decide whether to clean or do their homework first.

Step #1

the stick figure is trying to figure out if she she should clean or do homework.

I am looking at jotting down negatives and positives on a board, that occur throughout my day. When I access the negatives and positives I am to come up with some solutions to help replace all the negatives.

Step #2

In my comic I am writing down a list of negatives and positives that occur throughout my day, and finding solutions on how to deal with them.

Today I learned that relaxing does not only mean you just nap or sit at home all day. In the morning I tried to relax by sitting at home, but that just made me stress even more. I decided to rejoin soccer and realized that it helped me relax for the day.

Step #3

I am shooting the ball at the net.

On day 7 I realized that I started to slowly back down on my promise to go outside for a certain period of time. The days I knew I did not soccer I substituted walking my dog for 60 mins a day

Step #4

I am taking dog on a walk outside

The stick figure is finding a balance between being productive with school work and being able to go be productive in helping her mental well-being.


One side the stick figure is holding a pencil and writing for her school writing piece and the other side the stick figure is taking a break and…

The day I found it most difficult was the day I had to work overtime at work and there was not much to do and by the time I got home it was too late to do any sort of physical activity.


I am on my desk looking at the time

It was a sunny day outside and I saw a lot of leaves on the yard and decided to use that as a opportunity to be outside and have some sort of physical activity. Not only was I able to be active I was proud of myself for getting up and deciding to clean up.


I have just finished raking the leaves into a pile outside.

Instead of overthinking inside and just over working my brain, I will seize opportunities to go outside and just spend some time doing things I love because I realized how important my mental well-being truly is.


On one side I am inside thinking of what to and on the other side I am kicking the ball outside.