6 Comics Tagged "KPU.SIMAR"

The stick figure depicts my unhealthy life and the stress issues I was facing due to it. But now i would try excising so that i can lead a happy and energetic life.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story: unhealthy lifestyle

In this comic, I showcased the issues I have such as an unhealthy lifestyle, intake of excess junk food. This gives me temporary pleasure but in the end,…

It is portraited that i was living an unhealthy lifestyle but i started going to gym, having healthy food and my focus also started building up.

Step #3 – Wear cape step – Day 1

This shows how I started new progress in my life. I started going to the gym and followed a good and healthy lifestyle.

The stick figure shows my day 7. I prefer to go to gym regularly also i prefer eating healthy and sets a healthy mindset. In the comic I depicted how I am fully positive now and helps other in setting the same mindset and routine.

Step #4 Get CAPE DAY 7

The comic shows my day 7. How I have changed myself and my energy is very high these days. Priorly I was lazy sometimes but now I am…

The stick figure shows how I set my mind on day one to start different 14 day of my life. The image shows how i started my day 1 by doing workout, being positive and many more.

Step#3 – Get cape – Day 1

The stick figure shows my change on day 1. How i am including all good things around me.

The stick figure shows my most challenging day on which i was facing some health challenges and on the same day i was having an exam.

GET CAPE #6- Highest day

In the comic, my hardest day among 14 days is shown. On that day i came across so many health challenges.

The stick figure shows after 14 days i will stay happy with full energy. Going to gym and doing exercise will be given preference. Heathy food will be eaten.


The comic depicts my conclusion. After 2 weeks I will follow the same lifestyle I did in these 14 days.