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The comic illustrates the merits of exercising and picking up a healthy lifestyle

Step #1 – Back story

My comic shows the negative effects of not exercising resulting in a lot of problems which have to be dealt with it, also a negative image forcing one…

the comic gives an insight as to how i felt after wearing my cape

Step #3 – Wear cape – Day 1

this comic depicts that I wore my cape and went to the gym which made me happy as well as energized I wasn’t sleepy at all and helped…

In this comic I see myself achieving my goal and I\\\'m ready to win in the sense ,I\\\'m ready to achieve my goal of being fit ,exercise has given this stick figure energy which has lead to the stick figure being happy .It also delineates the benefits of exercising and loosing weight which makes tiredness go away and makes the stick figure happy .

Step #4 – Day 7 (halfway) –

In my comic the stick figure is happy reaching her goal.

The comic is about me going to a gym for exercising for testing how much energy i loose or gain

Step#2 :preparing for change

In my comic i am heading towards the gym for exercising from my home.

The comic illustrates that exercise made me fit and gave me the confidence to understand that i am stronger than i appear .

Step#5 show me the data

In my comic i am realizing that i have done a lot and i am stronger than i seem , i often underestimate my will power but it…

The comic illustrates that there were various difficulties like rain ,work load and study pressure which were the low points of my research project .

Step#6-Wear cape-Flop?

In my comic i am facing various difficulties like the rain and various distractions which are preventing me from going to the gym and acting as a low…

The comic illustrates that the highest point that I reached in my project was when i lost 5 lbs .

Step#7 -Fly! the highest so far.

In my comic I am very happy about the fact that I lost 5 lbs. The goal that I was unsure of was achieved with efforts and will…

The comic illustrates that i will strive for peace in the next project .

Step #8-Fly! Next caper -where will you fly next ?

My comic shows that i have gained peace and in the next project i am going to strive for the same .