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In the scenes above you can see me either being on my laptop, phone or watching TV. I am constantly on a device and never take the time to turn them off and find other activities to enjoy.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

Stick figure seen using laptop, watching TV and using cellphone.

In the first scene I see that the time is 12pm and decide that I need to put away my devices for the next hour. In the second scene I am going for a walk and thinking about what I will do while my devices are put away.

Step #2 Get Cape: Preparing for Change

In the first scene, I see the time and put my devices away for an hour. In the second scene I am taking a walk and deciding what…

I turn off my phone and other devices and put them away for an hour. For the hour that my devices are put away I decide to start reading a book I own and this hour away from my devices made my feel happy and calm.

Step #3 Wear Cape: Day 1

In scene 1 I am turning off my device for an hour. In scene two I am reading a book.

In scene one: I have put away my electronics at 12 o’clock and decided to read a book. In scene two: I am scene talking to my sister while my electronics are put away.

Step #4 – Wear Cape: Day 7

After putting away my electronics I decide to read a book or hang out with my sister. I noticed that after I began logging out of my electronics…

Scene 1: stick figure seen unhappy and on electronic at work. Scene 2: Stick figure seen unhappy and on laptop completing school work.

Step #6 – Wear Cape – Flop? Your Hardest Day

My hardest research day was the day when I had a long and hard day at work and had come home to many school assignments which caused me…

Scene 1: Stick figure happy and spending time with family. Scene 2: Stick figure happy and going on a walk.

Step #7 – Fly! – Highest Height … So Far

On my happiest day I had spent most of my day talking and spending time with my family and had gone on a long walk outside.

Stick figure reminding themselves to put away devices.

Step #8 – Fly. Next

Even though the project has come to an end, I will continue doing this practice as it has had a huge positive impact in my life.

Day 1: Stick figure is bored and unhappy without devices. Day 14: Stick figure is very happy to put away devices.

Step #5 – Show Me The Data! My Conclusion Is…

In the beginning of my project I was very bored without my devices and was not too happy to put them away. Towards the end of our project,…