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In this stick figure a girl is who is trying to focus on her studies

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

In this comic, I am very delighted that I am attempting to focus more on my schoolwork rather than social media on one day. I’m ignoring the phone…

A person who is very happy and healthy because of meditation.

Step #3 – Get cape – Day 1

In the above stick figure the person is very happy because the person is performing meditation.

The stick figure depicts my feeling of being happy by practicing and focusing more on studies rather than social media.

Step #4 – Get cape – Day 7 (halfway)

The comic shows my focus on studies and how i keep myself away from social media.

The above stick figure is describing about my conclusion that I am very happy after my 14 days of record.

Step #5 – Get cape – MY CONCLUSION

The above comic is very happy and relaxed after 14 days of completing her wellness practice.

The above comic is describing my hardest day


The stick figure is describing my hardest day on which I was very tired due to lot of work.

The above comic is describing my happiest day with positive thoughts

STEP 7 Highest height

The comic is describing my happiest day between 14 days of my get cape completion.

The comic is describing about my thought of staying happy, healthy and stress free.


The comic is describing my thought of staying happy and healthy.