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Not distracted by Mobile Phone

Step : 2- Get cape – Preparing for change

I switched off my phone and I am doing my work and also I played soft background music of my choice to increase my focus on my work.

Not distracted by mobile phone while eating food

STEP 3 : Wear cape: Day 1

I am eating food and my phone rings. I forgot to switched off my phone on the first day of my wear cape but I avoided it. Firstly…

Distracting the mobile phone while studying with friends

Step:4 Wear cape: Day 7

I am studying with my friends. My friends are using their phone. They are replying to the messages and using the phone when it vibrates but I totally…

Step #4 Wear Cape: Day 7

By the 7th day in this study I started to look forward to my mindfulness meditation time and would easily remember to do it when I saw the…