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A girl who is clearly sleep deprived laying on her bed at 3:00am in a dark room. She cannot sleep and it is affecting her mental state which is shown through her facial expression

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

A girl laying on her bed in a dark room with her alarm clock on her nightstand beside her while it reads 3:00am. Also, there is a window…

A girl looking at her phone and the phone has a notification reading \'GO TO BED\' and \'MAXIMUM USAGE\'. By the look of her facial expression she is not very pleased by this notification.

Get Cape; Step #2 (Preparing for Change)

I am preparing to complete my Get cape assignment by restricting my limit on my cellular device at night. It forces me to get in the habit of…

A female stick figure who is so tired at night which leads her to immediately jump on her bed as soon as she enters her room. She is so tired that she still has her uniform on.

Step #3 – Wear cape – Day 1

Luckily for my first day, it was not as hard as it usually is for me to fall asleep. Due to the fact that I had work that…

A stick figure girl smiling with her arms up next to her bed that is made, also by the looks of her alarm clock it is 8:00 in the morning

Step 4, Wear cape: Day 7 Update

As for how my results so far on Day 7, a lot has genuinely changed regarding my mood, body, and social interactions. In this picture, I woke up…

A stick figure girl looking at two scenarios where someone is sleeping and someone is being energetic and productive. She is surprised by it

Step 5, My conclusion and data!

This comic shows me that by conducting this study and examining my averages and my two graphs that there is possible for me to change my bad habits…

A girl sitting at her desk looking very tired and nervous as she is being called into another room. She is thinking about how nervous she is

Step 6, Wear cape; Midterm blues

The biggest flop day of my experiment would be the day of my midterm. I was at my lowest energy and had barely gotten any sleep.

A split screen of three stick figure girl best friends hanging out on one side and the other is a girl being productive on her laptop.

Step 7, When my cape soared!

This comic shows the day of when I felt and had the best outcome for my study. I have had an issue with balancing school and friendships throughout…

A stick figure girl with curly hair with a red cape with an S on it. She is saying ‘I am capable with a smile on her face.

Step 8, My cape is soaring! But where to?

This comic is about me realizing what I am capable of and wearing my cape proudly. Now that I have finished my study, I am now aware that…