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Stick figure requesting friends not to buy junk food

STEP 2 Preparing for Change

In this comic, we are in a grocery store to buy food and I am promoting my friends to buy healthy food (fruits and vegetables). I am requesting…

Stick figure girl feeling happy after eating junk food, she feels sad after experiencing problems due to her addiction to junk food


Generally, this comic describes my daily life exactly. I love junk food and eating outside. However, I am easily upset when I have problems, such as having pimples…

Stick figure excited about avoiding junk food

STEP #3- Wear cape – DAY 1

I was very excited about my get cape start, my friend offered me junk food but I happily rejected her offer and continue eating healthy food and avoiding…

Stick figure refusing a chocolate offer

Step 4- Day 7

After years, my schoolmates visited and brought me my favorite chocolates. Although I had a craving for chocolates, I declined their offer and continued my routine.

A stick figure expressing happiness.

Step 5- Show me the data

In this comic, we can see that i am very happy because i have achieved the expected results from the get cape project. I have improved my eating…

some stick figures showing happiness to go for party and one stick figure refusing

Step 6

I was having my friends birthday in mid of my get cape project and my friends was excited to go for a party and eat some junk food,…

Stick figure calling her mom to tell something

Step 7- Highest height

This comic shows my happiest height, my mother usually tells me to avoid junk, so that my problems related to this habit can be solved. During my get…

A stick figure showing happiness and goals

Step 8

I have learnt so many things from this project, so i will continue keeping my habit of eating healthy food and avoid junk food and also my next…