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The stick figure describes the girl which is suffering from lack of sleep and she is discussing with her about meena and thinking sode effects of lack of sleeping

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

This comic describes my situation. I didn’t get time for me due to a lot of work which causes lot of problems like blood pressure, mental problems, obesity,…

Stick figure person sleep late at night and got up late in the morning . He is sleeing for last 12 hours. In second part he got up early and going for morning walk and meditation. He is telling the benefits of meditation and how he motivates to do and by which methods.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

Stick figure describes the person how he changes his daily routines by simple methods like earlier he got up late and do nothing but after that he motivates…

Stick figure describes the person struggling while meditation . In first he got up but he can’t able to meditate due to distractions so he is facing so difficulty.

Step #3 – Wear cape – Day 1: How it went?

It describes the person facing difficulty while meditatiing he is not able to concentrate because of lot of tensions like studies, phone and much more

Stick figure a person is doing meditation and thinking of life without gadgets in a beautiful garden

Step #4 – wear Cape: Day 7

I decided to do a meditation and thinking a life without gadgets and i really enjoyed a lot in a greenery garden which gives me peace. I feel…

Stick figure person on left side is doing meditating and thinking a lot of stuff and on right side, a person doing meditating is enjoying in the garden.


in this comic, according to the results of two graph shows the up down movement in the focused/distraction variable as sometimes it decreases due to overthinking and sometimes…

Stick figure describes the person is in trouble. on one side there is exam and on other side is job.


`the comic describes the day on which I was not regular. one one side there was my exams and on other side there was my job, it was…

Stick figure person is mediating. on the left corner there is a sun and on the sides garden is there.


The comic illustrates the scene when i flied the highest. on a sunny day, i was totally free, i decide to got up early in the morning and…

Stick figure person is managing time according to clock


after 14days of get cape i decide to decide to meditate regularly which brings calmness, good habits and much more and i will encourage the people around me…