8 Comics Tagged "KPU.GURVS"

A person sitting in front of their PC playing video games while daydreaming.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In the scene above you see the stick figure (me) sitting around playing video games on their computer daydreaming of lifting weights. The person pictured above used to…

A stick figure with a table, that has items laid out on top, in front of him.

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

I’m laying out everything on a table that I need and will help me in order to complete my research for this project.

Stick figure in pushup position thinking about the routine he will follow for the days to come, second box includes a person having positive thoughts after their workout session.

Step #3 – Wear Cape – Day 1

I am doing my routine workout that I am focusing on while at home. I am thinking about the routine that I am going to follow during the…

A stick figure standing \

Step #4 Wear Cape

I’m standing strong and tall as I have completed my 7th day successfully without any problems in my way. I feel mentally fit or strong as the exercise…

A stick figure looking at a computer screen thinking about exercise and results from a data sheet, coming to a conclusion.

Step #5 Show me the DATA!

After a long 14 days I am looking at my data and realizing that exercise is not only going to help with tiredness, laziness, but it will help…

A stick figure struggling to do a pushup due to soreness and tiredness.

Step #6 Flop?

I am in pushup position on DAY 2 of my project. However due to soreness and tiredness I am stuck in the pushup position struggling to even do…

A stick figure doing situps and counting to 50 to himself as he does the situps.

Step #7 Fly!

The last day was definitely my best day as I was jamming out to music that I love and was doing better overall due me consistently exercising. I…

A stick figure thinking about running, or being more active in the future.

Step #8 Fly

I’m thinking about possibly continuing this project, hopefully adding more and more as the time comes, to occupy myself and progress my happiness.