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On the left side, a girl is eating an apple as her snack of choice. And on the right side, a girl chose ice cream as her snack.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

On the left side is when I used to eat quite healthy, however as life continued on I became more busy and stressed out. This affected my eating…

Left side, stick figure girl is having a healthy lunch consisting of salmon, broccoli and water. On the right side, stick figure girl is having a large phò for her dinner. I’m the thought bubble says “I should’ve ate my meal prep at home”.

Step #3 Wear cape: Day 1

The day started off strong with a healthy breakfast and lunch (I only showed my lunch and dinner meal because I didn’t have enough space for all 3…

Stick figure girl is meal prepping by cutting carrots and preparing salmon.

Step #2 Preparing for Change

I am meal prepping my meals for the upcoming week with healthy foods like salmon and carrots. Obviously I was preparing more than just carrots and salmon, but…

Stick figure girl doing homework with tea, grapes and popcorn as a snack

Step #4 wear cape: day 7

After the first week of eating healthier options, I’ve been eating healthier alternatives when I study or do my homework. I used to snack on chips or other…

Stick figure girl is cooking in the kitchen meal prepping foods like salmon and carrots

Step #5- show me the data! My conclusion is

In this comic, I am continuing to meal prep my weekly meals. Even after the 14 days, I am carrying over my healthy eating habits to everyday life!

Stick figure girl is celebrating her birthday with friends and cake

Step #6 flop? Your hardest day

It was difficult for my to eat healthy on my birthday because friends kept wanting me to treat me out for lunch and dinner. It was also difficult…

Stick figure girl just coming back from the grocery store and displaying the food she bought.

Step #7 fly! Highest height so far

One of my best days during my get cape study was when I came back from the grocery store. I felt super motivated by looking at all the…

Stick figure girl is eating a healthy meal and has a big smile across her face. On the table is a green juice, broccoli, salmon and rice.

Step #8- FLY. Next “Caper”- Where will you fly next?

I am continuing to follow better eating habits and being more self conscious of what I consume. I believe this will benefit me now and in the future…