8 Comics Tagged "KPU.ALLEB"

Stick figure holding a paper that seems to zoom in to see what the paper says. Bubble thought on top of stick man saying “ugh, there’s too many stuff. Ill do it later”.”

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story: Procrastination At Its Finest

This comic portrays my laziness and shows how I like to leave things until last minute. Especially when I have a lot on my agenda, I just tend…

Stick figure sitting in a bedroom with a phone on a table that says “Phone off” and words“breath”, “focus”, and “no distraction” repeated around the room

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

This comic is anillustration of me meditation inside my room. My phone is turned off to prevent it from receiving notifications and to prevent myself from getting distracted….

Open book, pencil and a phone with the letter “z” on top of it

Step #3 – Wear Cape: Day 1

This was my first day of wear cape. After meditating of in the morning for 15 minutes, i went straight to test my focus by catching on my…

stick figure with happy emotion with words around it

Step 4: Wear Cape Day 7

This cape is my experience on the 7th day of the get cape wear cape experiment. That day was full of positivity, just like what the words said,…

Stick figure with a happy face and 4 thought bubble around the stick figure. 1 bubble shows an illustration of a stick figure throwing garbage, another on school work, another on social life, and the last one is a stick figure sleeping on a bed.

Step 5: Show me the data! My conclusion is…

In this comic, it shows myself being happy with my current life. I am no longer troubled with doing chores, such as throwing garbage, finishing my school work…

Stick figure with a sad face and rain droplets around the stick figure. Four bubbles with the words, “happiness”, “friends”, “school”, and “I’m so done with life” inside.

Step 6: Flop? My hardest day

This comic illustration shows one of the hardest days of my get cape project. At the end of the first week, I felt very low on energy and…

Two stick figures. One figure is very sad and cannot focus and the other figure is happy and wants to help the sad figure.

Step 8: Where will I fly next?

In this comic, I have decided to encourage the people around me to try out meditating. It has definitely changed my lifestyle and I firmly believe everyone can…

Stick figure with wings flying on top of buildings, houses and basketball court. Bright sunny day with clouds and birds around the stick figure.

Step #7 – Fly! Highest Height

This is what my highest point felt like during the get cape project. It really felt like wearing a cape and flying. Inn this case, it was wings….