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this figure is on crutches looking at gym equipment. This guy always had interest in the intentions of seriously committing to exercise. During his procrastination period which lasted years, he broke his leg. Now as he wishes to engage in exercise he truly cannot, and regrets all the times he procrastinated to do so.

STEP #1: Back story

The stick figure on crutches is looking at the gym equipment regretting all the times he had fulll ability to use them and chose not to. Now, as…

There is a yoga mat on the ground and candles and incense are being set up in preparation for the many meditation sessions ahead.

Step #2 – Get cape: Preparing for change

Figure is lighting candles and setting up incense in preparation for daily meditation.

Lying down, playing music, burning candles, burning incense, and relaxation.

Step #3 – Wear Cape Day 1

The first day I realized i can’t really sit in a meditative position because my leg is still broken, so after i lit my candles and incense i…

Candles are lit, incense is burning, music is playing, and drool is coming from the figure’s mouth

Step #4 – Wear Cape Day 7

By this time, the meditation is becoming a routine, and a lovely one at that. The figure can be seen with drool coming from its mouth because admittedly…

Stick figure in left meditating equating to happiness, figure on the right doing anything but meditating equating to unhappiness.

Show me the data

The days I wasn’t meditating I would watch tv, play video games, scroll social media, basically doing a bunch of nothing.

Figure is scratching head on a yoga mat looking very confused.

Wear cape – Flop?

My hardest day would have had to be the first day, starting meditation, something I knew nothing about and didn’t know where to start. The comic is a…

Figure can be seen meditating on a cloud, with hands reaching out from below, each hand has a description on it.

Fly! Highest height

My highest height was the day I actually didn’t feel like meditating was a chore or something I had to do, it became something I wanted to do….

The figure is on the couch while incense burns beside the television.

#8 Fly: Next “caper”- Where will you fly next?

Since the Get Cape project I find myself lighting incense a lot for no real reason. It causes an unexplainable pleasance throughout my days. I see myself getting…