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Step #2 – Get cape – Preparing for a change

I prepared the change for my comic from staying up late watching Netflix to getting up early and doing running and meditation which will helps me to make…

stick person is representing the routine from getting up early in the morning and then went to the gym did workout for an hour. After getting fresh, went to the work as stick had job day today. then after work went to bed early to get up early again.

Step #4 – Halfway (Day 7)

DAY#7- The comic shows my morning to night routine. I started gym from day 1 to be happy and fit. – the stick person is showing the routine…

The stick figure is sleeping till afternoon. The laziness makes him just to focus on sleep instead of anything else. After eating and again sleeping without any physical activity makes the stick figure lazy and fat.

Step #1 Back story

The stick figure is showing his unhealthy life which makes him to gain a lot of weight.

There are two stick figures in which one is myself and another one is my friend. He was teasing me by saying lazy fatty. the stick figure started to get embraced everyday. So the stick figure decided to make a goal of walking 10,000 steps in next 7 days.

Step#2 Preparing for change.

The stick figure is getting embraced by listening teasing words, so he decided to go for walk everyday with 7 days goal of 10,000 steps.

The stick figure begins a new start of walking. He went to the walk in the morning and cover a few steps of 3000 and then after sometimes he achieve steps of 4000. After an hour walk he did 5000 steps at day 1. The morning walk makes him relaxed and let the stick to lose some weight.

Step#3 Day1

The stick figure started walking and set a goal of 10,000 steps. At day 1, the stick achieves 5000 steps which was good for his day 1 beginning.

The stick figure is walking around and counting his steps. At day 7 he is at 9000 steps and is around his goal. His noted all his steps from last 6 days.

Step #4 – Day 7 – (halfway) goal completed

The stick figure is walking and counting his step at day 7. He started a task at day 1 with the goals of 10,000 steps. He finished his…

The stick figure is thinking about the whole data he measured from the day first till day 14. He figured out the great changed after running and that makes him happy. The figure is showing the graph from 0 to 5 and it is increasing till day 14.

Step#5 – My conclusion.

The stick figure is calculating the whole data in his mind after the day 14 with the goal of running and completing the goal.

The stick figure is so tried on the day 11. As i got vaccinated and was not feeling well. I was not able to get up from bed. That was the hardest day for me to follow my goal of running. The stick figure is letting us know by thinking that he was tired after second dose. Whereas the injection on his arm is clearly giving the reaction on his face.

Step#6 – Hardest day.

The stick figure is representing the hardest day for him in the history of 14 days. Where he got vaccinated and was not well to co-up with the…

In the comic stick figure is representing that he comp at day 14 and that was the highest day for him as he was feeling so relaxed and active after a lot of running. This changes his life.

Get cape Step#7

The stick figure is happy after completing his day 14 task of running.

In the comic there is two stick figure one is me and other one is my friend who used to tease me but now he is saying that i am looking cool and had a great change in my body. The stick figure is proud and will continue this variable for lifetime.

Step 8

In the comic stick figure is happy after his change and decided to follow it for life time. His friend is praising him.