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A person staring at two blocks labelled \

Step #1 – The game motivates me to work harder though??? So win win I guess????

I am looking at my responsibilities, remembering to put those first though they may not be something that I want to do.

A person looking down at a block labelled \

Step #2 get cape: preparing for change

I am preparing what I will need for this research, which ironically consists of me, myself, I, and my meals.

The text \

Step #3 I was. A clown

I forgot to set my computer aside during day one and upon realization, I felt kinda bad.

Person with tears in their eyes. Above them is the text \

Step #4 – Never mind. I am the entire circus.

Day 7: I forgot entirely to stop and eat without the screen in front of my face. I am so busy. Help.

A person tearing up in guilt and shame.

Step #5 – Guilt

I am observing my data and I am consumed with shame for my negligence and cheese brain.

Person with an ominous smile, above the text \

Step #6 – Pain

This was a flop, and that is my bad.

A happy person with the text \

Step #7 – Still happy about this though!!

Though I did mess stuff up? I am glad to say my highest flight was on day 2! And any progress is good progress.

Person with their hands on their face. The text \

Step #8 – New horizons!

I want to do the other thing I wanted to try: saying thanks more often!