8 Comics Tagged "CAP5.PIYUN"

The Figure which is basically me. laying on the bed and thinking about tomorrow\'s goals. and there is also board hanging on the wall in which all the goals has been written.


In this comic figure is looking exited to pursue his goals. he has made checklist of goals and also set the alarm for tommorow morning

The figure which is depicting me is shown doing various tasks in which includes exercising at gym, reading, meditating.

Step #3 – Wear Cape – Day 1

In this comic figures which is basically me is shown doing various things planned to be done throughout the day.

In this picture There is stick figure which is depicting me. Enjoying birthday party and there is table with cake and balloons everywhere and also to do list in which there are non productive things are written.

Step #6

The day on which I did not eat anything healthy, no workout was done and reading was ignored was my lowest day. It was on the occasion of…

In this comic there stick figure walking on the running track in the peaceful surroundings, doing meditation, reading books and eating healthy foods.

Step #7

It was the highest productive day, I woke up early, did exercise on proper time, meditated peacefully and proper nutritional food was consumed. This resulted in a lot…

There are 4 sections in this comic, in the first sections a big arm is shown representing the healthy body, in the second book is shown representing the knowledge, in the third a stick figure is standing and speaking in front of public with confidence, in the fourth and last one time clock is shown which is reflecting time management.

Step #8

So, after 14 days I came to a result that I have become more positive and energetic. Moreover, this positivity generated energy in me and widened my knowledge…

The picture includes stick figure which is basically me out for the walk in the morning. And on the left side there is table filled with healthy foods and on the wall there is checklist of which includes things to do.

step #5

So, in the picture given above, which represents the results of my project. First getting up early at 7 which can be seen in the bottom left corner…

The stick figure which is basically depicting me playing soccer with other stick figures. Which has big thinking cloud in his head, thinking about work which needs to be done


The above pictorial depiction is of me and my friends. We were playing just before our high school preparatory exams; my parents were calling me to get back…

The stick figure is lying on the bed with a big cloud on his head in which it is feeling positive about his body


In this comic stick figure which is reflecting me is lying on the bed and started feeling better about his body.