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The given stick figure represents me and society. It shows that if I care for others and expect them to do the same for me . I get hurt because I do not get back the care I give to others which makes me sad and hurts me.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story: Expectation and Happiness .

It tells the story that when you have more expectations ,you are more hurt .So,it is better to not expect things from society because it will make you…

In the given stick figure , I am exercising and thinking about positive aspects of life and feeling happy.


Exercise is a good way of staying happy as it helps in improving health of an individual ,gives more energy to body and results in more satisfaction and…

Stick figure person is me doing exercise on first day and feeling my day more brighter than usual days.

Step #3 – WEAR CAPE : DAY 1

I am doing exercise and experiencing the positive effects of it on first day .I feel more positive ,happy by becoming physical active .My day was not normal…

Given Stick figure is me doing exercise, and the nature around me is giving me positive vibes and peace and most importantly happiness.

Step#4 – Wear Cape : Day 7

Exercise has made my life more healthy and happy. Endorphins secreted during exercise give my body pleasure ( makes me feel happy ) and provide relaxation to my…

Given Stick figure is me doing exercise in more better way and I have prepared timetable to manage my activities.

Step#5 Conclusion and Result

I am doing Exercise and feeling more happy than usual days .I also feel more focused and motivated .

I am sitting alone and feeling lonely and stay away from phone .

Step #6 – Hardest Day

I am feeling lonely because I have some issues with my family and my relationship with my boyfriend was not going well .These things affect my focus to…

I am filled with positive thoughts and feeling happy .I am doing exercise in the lap of nature and it was so peaceful.

Step #7 Fly ! Highest Height .. So far

There was no assignment to do and holiday from work .So I was free to practice exercise which results in happiness.

I am so happy and filled with positive energy and thoughts .My days were brighter than other normal days.

Step #8 Fly . Next

I wanted to continue this wellness practice throughout whole life as it changed my life and bring positivity so that I can see positive side of every situation…