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There is a boy in his house being grateful that he is not getting rained on.

Step #1 – Get cape – Back story

In this comic, you can see a boy standing in house saying the words, “I’m grateful.” It is currently raining outside and he is glad that he has…

I see two things going on. On the left side there is someone going to bed at 10:00 pm. On the right side there is someone at the gym working out with a weight in each hand. There is also a jug of water beside him to keep him hydrated

Step #2 – Get cape – preparing for change

There is someone going to sleep at 10:00pm and someone at the gym working out.

There is a man working out in the gym with several exercises for him to do. He has dumbbell weights in his hands with a bench press rack set up beside him.

Step #3 – Wear Cape – Day 1

A man working out in the gym.

There is me in my room with my bed to my left and my desk to my right. I have a clock on my desk that says 8am and I am out of bed and ready to start my day which is why I say Good Morning!

Step #4 – Get cape – DAY 7 (halfway)

There is me in my room awake at 8am.

You can me in my room say with my bed to my right and my drawer to me left. I currently just woke and I'm saying I feel more awake.

Step #5 – Show me the Data

I’m in my room saying I feel more awake

I am currently in my bed saying I don\'t want to get up because I am tired and have trouble motivating myself to get up.

Get Cape step #6 Flop.

I am in bed bed saying I don’t want to get up

I am currently working out with my girlfriend. We are atg the gym and have a dumbbell in each of our hands working out our biceps. There is a bench press and water disposal machine beside us.

Get cape step #7

Me and my girlfriend are working out at the gym.

I am about to walk in my gym with my headphones on and realize that I’m going to continue going to the gym as it makes me feel good and gives me more energy.

Get Cape step #8

I am about to walk in the gym with my headphones on